Why should you keep your Electroneum...Or Not?

A few days ago there was the End of "mining" by the Electroneum App (in fact it was never a mining but rather a kind of airdrop) and many ETN cryptocurrency users were sad and decided to get rid of their Electroneums and with that, of course the price was falling.

I don't think it's a good time for that, but honestly I don't see in the medium and maybe long term that the cryptocurrency is appreciating a lot, because now it seems that it can only be obtained by buying in an exchange or performing some tasks on the Freelancer AnyTask service platform. .

Many say that with the end of mining via cell phone, the ETN cryptocurrency will become scarce and as a result its price will increase due to supply and demand, but the curious thing is that only 0.6% of the total ETNs were mined by its users, about about 300 thousand.

Those who also believe that the price will skyrocket put this Freelancer Platform as a differential, as well as if there weren't many out there in the market like Workana, 99Freella, etc.

I didn't sell mine, I have just over 3000 ETN mined by cell phone, I'm at least hoping to reach 0.10 cents. Yes, it is a very realistic price to arrive, if this appreciation occurs. And I'm a cryptocurrency Hold too, I think I've even gotten used to it hahaha

It seems that the Community is campaigning for Electroneum to be listed on Binance, so I think there was a change in the project with this objective. If ETN is going to rise in price, I believe it is more because it is listed on a large Exchange like Binance, and not because it has a Freelancer Platform which, as I said, there are already many with much more time on the market and recognized .

Unfortunately I think it was a shot in the foot of the Project and ETN is in danger of becoming a Shitcoin where its price may fall much more than before, but only time will tell, as this Market is very unpredictable.

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