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How to Make High Profits on Faucet FreeBitcoin

21 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

In these days watching some videos about one of the most famous bitcoin Faucets in the world, FreeBitcoin, I am discovering some Secrets where you can really have an excellent extra income with this Faucet, which without a doubt being well used is th...

Earn Money by Playing GAMES

21 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

If you are a person who loves games and spends hours of his vacant days having fun with his games, did you know that you can earn a good amount of money doing this? These days I found a very cool platform, Dlive, where you make Lives of your Games an...

Sell Your Unused SMS and Earn Cryptocurrencies

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

Looking for Some Way to Earn Cryptocurrencies for free I came across a very cool Project, the Birdchain. In the BirdChain App you can Earn the BIRD Token for Free in T...

Monetize Your Game Videos with InCent

2 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

If you are a Gamer and usually do Lives, you will like the InCent Ingage Platform. At InCent Ingage both content creators and their viewers are rewarded through the InCent cryptocurrency (INCNT) As a content creator you can earn several rewards in cr...

TradeSanta: a very good Trader Bot for Beginners

19 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

Trading in the Cryptocurrency Financial Market is not an easy task, quite the contrary, a lot of analysis is needed, especially graphical. But luckily there are several platforms that automate this process, the so-called Bots de Trader. One that I ju...

Connecting your MetaMask with MyEtherWallet: Resolving Cashout Error

5 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

Sometimes I tried to withdraw some Tokens that I earn through Airdrops that I do and the following error message appears:   I don't know the technical explanation for when this happens in the figure below, but after some research, it looks like it's...

Earn Cryptocurrencies Daily on Twitter

1 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment christiansterque

The other day browsing Twitter I discovered a website where you can perform some small tasks in exchange for some tips in cryptocurrencies. The name of this site is CCTip, where you connect with your Twitter account or 4 other...

Will LBRY's Monetization End?

29 Jun 2020 2 minute read 5 comments christiansterque

For those who don't know LBRY it is a Decentralized Video Platform, seen as one of the competitors of the largest video platform in the world, YouTube. When I first met LBRY I thought it was a great opportunity to finally have my channel monetized fa...

Why Many Still Insist on CryptoTab?

13 Jun 2020 1 minute read 11 comments christiansterque

It is even a little understandable to see people who are getting to know the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin and come across the link on this site that for me only serves to ruin your computer and increase the consumption of your electric bill,...

BitBlocks - Why I decided to invest

12 Jun 2020 2 minute read 0 comments christiansterque

I have always had a back seat with this Cryptocurrency because I saw some badly intentioned YouTubers here in my country using it for manipulation in PUMPs and DUMPs, so I never thought about the possibility of stopping to see the Project because as...


Will LBRY's Monetization End?

29 Jun 2020 christiansterque

29 June 2020
I thought so too, many creators will stop producing and look for better platforms, I will dedicate myself more to CosTV

Will LBRY's Monetization End?

29 Jun 2020 christiansterque

29 June 2020
Yes, it was disappointing, I will sell a good part of my coins after I heard about it

Why Many Still Insist on CryptoTab?

13 Jun 2020 christiansterque

14 June 2020
Certainly ! This CryptoTab is a big shit haha

Why Many Still Insist on CryptoTab?

13 Jun 2020 christiansterque

14 June 2020
Yes, doing my part against this damn ponzi scheme

Why Many Still Insist on CryptoTab?

13 Jun 2020 christiansterque

14 June 2020
In CryptoTab you will take months what you earn in weeks with BRAVE.

Why Many Still Insist on CryptoTab?

13 Jun 2020 christiansterque

14 June 2020
It is an extension in Chrome Adblock that blocks ads and rewards you in TUBE cryptocurrencies.

Why Many Still Insist on CryptoTab?

13 Jun 2020 christiansterque

14 June 2020
Yes, I also lost some money with cloud mining in these Hypes companies and CryptoTab is harmful to your machine and your energy bill, this browser sucks

CryptoTab - Another Crypto Browser and My Experience

10 Jun 2020 cryptoforcanadians

10 June 2020
This sucks, you'd better mine any other type of cryptocurrency with Asics and GPU resistant Algorithm, you will get much better results

Is PRIZM Scam or Not?

3 May 2020 christiansterque

04 May 2020
With PRIZM you download your wallet and keep earning by POS, the so-called Stake. Allied to that they have Paramining, another way to multiply their PRIZM more. I think it's Scam for the information I said in the post.

Earn around 51$+ USD every year with Microsoft Rewards

21 Apr 2020 Ivic

21 April 2020
Very interesting, I will register because they accept my country, Brazil

The best ways to earn crypto: Uptrennd, Publish0x and Brave Browser.

3 Mar 2020 alberdioni8406

08 March 2020
I am on both platforms although I am progressing faster at UpTrennd, but I will pay more attention here at Publish0x

DentaVox - Get paid in crypto for answering surveys

3 Mar 2020 DimitarM

04 March 2020
I'm sorry but I've already participated in this site, for me it's just a SCAM, because I never cheated and when I asked for the loot they blocked me, I had even made a video on Youtube and I withdrew so as not to fool people. My report is real

Best Cryptocurrency to Mine in 2019

31 Aug 2019

31 August 2019
Bom artigo ! Atualmente minero ETN e Phoneum pelo celular, muitas criptomoedas, apesar de serem fáceis de minerar com uma GPU boa, tende a não compensar visto que a energia eletrica no Brasil é caríssima

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How to earn BTC, ETH, LTC ... by letting ads run in the background? Thanks to AdBTC and its subsidiaries!

28 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments Cryptoxe

AdBTC and its subsidiaries For those who do not already know AdBTC it is a faucet, allowing you to earn BTC by watching ads, you have 3 options available:Average daily earnings and number of daily pubs: Between 1000 and 2500 satoshis for between 70...

LRC Staking and Claiming Instructions

10 Mar 2020 6 minute read comments Loopring

LRC is the Loopring protocol’s token. It can be staked by holders to earn protocol fees (a percentage of the volume flowing through all Loopring-based DEXes), and is staked by DEX owners as a bond for service-level guarantees. More information on LRC...

The best ways to earn crypto: Uptrennd, Publish0x and Brave Browser.

3 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

Nowadays we are online to make it happen, yes to earn something with our time spent online must come with some Revenue that is, of course the reward for being active online and today I am going to show my best 3 ways to make crypto online. Uptrennd P...

How to earn more BAT with Brave Browser (tutorial for beginners)

17 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Seb Crypto

As you probably know, Brave Browser allows you to win BAT by clicking on ads. These ads are presented as notifications, and you earn BAT if you click on them. Each click earns you 0.05 BAT. By default, Brave Browser is set to show a maximum of 2 noti... Pays You To Listen To Independent Music

15 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments AtomCollector was developed to help independent musicians get their music heard.After finding out about STEEM we were able to add the ability for music fans and musicians to earn crypto currency LISTENING to music too. The most important...

Bitcoin Bounce: a mobile game where you can win bitcoin! Paid over the Lighting network

10 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments wildnblue

If you are looking for a mobile game that help you stak more sats then Bitcoin Bounce from THNDR Games  is perfect for you. It is a simple ball bouncing game in which the more tickets you collect the better chances you have to win bigger prizes in da...

Brave rewards in more countries in Africa, that will be epic!

10 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

The Brave Browser in the latest Development expanded their Brave Rewards program to two more countries in Africa, Morocco and Nigeria, and this last one will take over this rewards program! The Brave Browser rewards in Africa will be epic, as the pr...

First payout from Publish0x

10 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Coleslaw

So, after a few weeks of posting and reading to earn a few extra pennies, I decided to cash out my BAT earnings and see how hard the process would be. I put in my CoinBase address for BAT, submitted, and then waited for the Monday payouts. Sure enoug...

How to automate claiming Gridcoin faucet at

27 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Coleslaw

So, most faucets require you to click through annoying CAPTCHA's just to get a fraction of a cent. Most will agree that they are not worth your time and should probably only be used when you are just skeptical of using an Exchange or a crypto to begi...



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