Monetize Your Game Videos with InCent

Monetize Your Game Videos with InCent

If you are a Gamer and usually do Lives, you will like the InCent Ingage Platform.

At InCent Ingage both content creators and their viewers are rewarded through the InCent cryptocurrency (INCNT)

As a content creator you can earn several rewards in cryptocurrencies, but as I am not a content creator in the gaming area, I will bring you how to earn the InCent token on the DLive and YouTube Video Platforms as a Viewer.

First you will log in to the InCent platform, you can use any of the accounts you have on social networks for this



Once you are logged in, click on the inCent icon in the top right corner of the website and click on the REDEEM button to start redeeming InCents.

I will use as an example a Live on Dlive. During the Live of the Streamer a code will appear on the video screen, type this code in the field for rewards on the InCent website.





The minimum withdrawal is when you reach $ 25 in AUD, the Australian Dollar, InCent is listed on the Exchanges Livecoin and Bittrex, with Livecoin being the largest trading volume.

Below is the link for you to register with InCent:




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