Great Day Cryptopians!!!  Most of us are trying to achieve a similar goal in life...FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!  The journey to that accomplishment is met with many obstacles, pitfalls and disappointments.  Very few people, and really no one in my circle has achieved that ultimate pinnacle of success, including myself.  You see, I'm just an average joe like must people, trying my hardest to get out of the Rat Race.  Hmm, thats a lot easier said then done! The bible says "The borrower is a slave to the lender."  Wow, that is so true. I'm tired of being a slave to debt, and living my life with a boring job (Just Over Broke) that I dislike, which gives me just enough money to last two weeks until my next paycheck.  I've always been looking for additional revenue sources to supplement my current income.  Believe me, as you probably well know, thats a daunting task.  I've dabbled in real estate, but there are many extenuating circumstances that determine if your going to be in the red or black.  I've searched and searched and finally I came across BetFury!!!  Since I've gotten involved in the platform, BetFury has experienced a steady increase in volume and participants that has made it the number one I-gaming platform in the industry.  Personally, I'm not a gambler, but once I found out about the dividend token on the platform, BFG, and realized that you can receive daily dividends of Bitcoin, Tron, USDT, and BTT by owning them (BFG), I was on a mission.  For me, BetFury is great way to supplement  my income without a major investment and overhead that almost all investments require. 


There are so many opportunities that BetFury offers to acquire and increase your accumulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency's.  One of my favorite games on the platform is Dice.  I play the dice game not to gamble but to mine and acquire BFG Tokens.  I place my probability of rolling above 4 or under 95 with a wager of around 100-125 Satoshi's.  I know going in that the "House Always Wins!!!"  So I don't participate in an attempt to beat the house but for the purpose of accumulating BFG Tokens.  I found this technique to be one of the safest ways to acquire the token.  Keep in mind that you are going to eventually lose your deposited BTC but your gaining precious BFG Tokens which will pay out dividends daily. So in time you will get your initial investment back and then be in profit.



This is one of the strategies that I utilize to acquire BFG Tokens.  Roll under 95 with a wager of 100 Satoshi's.


The other  strategy that I utilize to acquire BFG Tokens.  Roll above 4 with a wager of 100 or more Satoshi's.

BetFury I-Gaming platform is still fairly new and has been around for a year.  More and more people are starting to get involved with cryptocurrency and are beginning to flock to the platform.  One thing that I realized is that human beings love to gamble.  You can actually have some ownership in the platform by owning BFG Tokens!!! Where can you find an opportunity like that in any other casino platform?  No Where!!!  Begin your journey in earning passive income by getting involved with BetFury.  It's a great opportunity to supplement your income.


There aren't too many platforms or opportunities that I really get excited about and endorse but BetFury is good to me.  I'm not making a ton of money with BetFury but I'm currently receiving $12.00 USC worth of Bitcoin a day.  That doesn't sound like much but that is currently $361.25 USC per month.  Thats with me sitting at home and doing nothing!!!  The best thing about is that as Bitcoin goes up in value so does my earnings. Also, as the platform continues to grow so does my earnings!!! I think this is fantastic!!! I'm excited about the future potential of BetFury and my passive income.  Trust me, its not too late to begin your accumulation of BFG Tokens and earn dividends!!! Don't wait for tomorrow, begin today!!!





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BetFury Casino platform offers daily dividend payouts and interest on the Bitcoin Boxes that you purchase. These are two unique ways to acquire one of the most soon to be valuable assets in the world. Bitcoin has limited supply and it is diminishing daily. Stuff your bags with as many Satoshi's as possible while they exist. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is TODAY!!!

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