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Coinbase International Exchange will introduce support for Bitcoin Cash perpetual futures contracts on Coinbase International Exchange & Coinbase Advanced. The BCH-PERP market is set to open on or after 10am UTC, 7 December 2023. Notably, Bitcoin Cash has seen a significant price surge today, which may be linked to this upcoming feature.

GENERAL PROTOCOLS TWITTER SPACE SERIES #11 ONLINEfdd45e4a140b7ea3e65791f24f39731ddb54f8a9a18b2bb5a3233191c3f5cd55.jpg

General Protocols (the team behind BCHBULL, Flipstarter and more) continues their Twitter Spaces series with General Bull #11 of n — Building an App on BCH Today available on their twitter and YouTube now.

CASUAL BCH PODCAST EPISODE #18 AVAILABLE NOWecb19737a7b0a295dd3cfefab715c675ed5b99f509ca86120e9732caa827eee7.jpg

Bitcoin Cash developer Sayoshi Nakamario once again has uploaded another episode of the Casual BCH Podcast. Episode #18 which features a discussion between Sayoshi and Vin.

CAULDRON DEX REACHES 17000 TRADES9da2991a4bb89a9d9c42e0a5c83246790ed3a0013691ce732dce048a2a4da061.jpg

Cauldron Dex, on the Bitcoin Cash network, has achieved a significant milestone with over 17,322 trades executed. Developed by Riften Labs, this non-custodial automated liquidity protocol is making strides in the DeFi space, enabling users to create liquidity pools and swap CashTokens efficiently.

BCH APP CREATION TUTORIAL OUT NOWec76f6e7445a510931cfe9c749cd27e83978ce9d075071e38a5fd6e4541b15e9.jpg

Mathieu Geukens, a developer for BCH, has created the first in a series of tutorial videos on how to create apps on Bitcoin Cash. Check out his YouTube channel to get your feet wet making your first BCH app!

A FIFTH OF GAMING UPDATED44c7cb5913282f795fca25195ca238157259c90b4d7ab73102f2d55b8b34c825.jpg

‘A Fifth of Gaming’ (AFoG) is an online tool that helps organize and manage regular online multiplayer video game nights and it has been updated with the following features! Added team features: create/join teams, invite via email, accept/reject invites, QR code for BCH payments, auto-registration once funded, prize payouts to team wallet, and even disbursement of winnings. Competitive guilds and team games are now more streamlined. Start gaming at


THE MARKET THIS WEEKb73b70d08085947dba10ccc56f8437d477c044d62b88c0b1e70364b5b9b3fb21.gif

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