Bitcoin Cash Weekly News Special BLISS Conference Edition. May 14 2024 DAY 1




The BCHF was on site of the BCH BLISS 2024 conference to capture the essence that you can really only get by being present and shaking hands with fellow attendees.


The conference took place in Ljubljana Slovenia at the Four Points hotel. The choice was no coincidence as the hotel accepts BCH. Attendees were able to pay for their entire bill including rooms as well as food and drinks at the restaurants and bar until the wee hours of the morning, with BitcoinCash, which some attendees took full advantage of.

Many attendees arrived early to get some building done while others came early to enjoy the beautiful sights of the city itself.

The conference doors opened at 9am. People lined up and were asked to present the Jessica NFT tickets they previously bought on TAPSWAP.CASH.

The BCH community has many people who are privacy conscious and the organizers took that into account. While entering everyone was given the sort of customary wristband you see at events as proof of ticket, however at this conference 2 colors were available. Some for those who do not mind being photographed and filmed and another for those who would prefer not to be.

At 9:30 most people had found seats and were ready to go.

Jeremy of the BCH Podcast was MC of the event and started with introductions and a quick story about their first night in Slovenia and having drinks at a pub and getting pizza and the troubles of using fiat cross borders and the exceptions that go along with it as well as some of the difficulties of on boarding new merchants.

He went on to talk about how Jonathan Silverblood was the visionary driving force of behind the conference which lead to a rousing round of applause as expected.

The conference was made possible by several sponsors which were thanked.

General Protocols creators of BCHBULL

Ryan Giffin — Ravish Off Ocean

BCH Podcast

Mike Komaransky





The first presenter was Ray Hatten of the Ray Uses Bitcoin Cash YouTube channel whose video about using BCH in Slovenia inspired the organizers to choose Ljubljana as the conference location.

Ray’s talk “Adventures with Bitcoin Cash: a Global Journey” began with going over the history of bitcoin and many of the ways BCH can help people break free from legacy finance and be included in new global finance even without a bank.

He went on to talk about all the various ways you can use BCH both online and offline at merchants all across the globe using all the amazing tools available like for amazon purchases, and to book your trips.

Ray also mentioned the HODL plugin for Electron Cash by mainnet-pat. This plugin allows you to lock up your own funds in a smart contract until a certain date or block height as a kind of forced savings account.



The next presentation was by Kilian De Roovere who introduced “Coingraze” to the world.

Kilian began by talking about the joy of being a child and going to a petting zoo and how exciting it was to see and interacting with all the unique animals. After some further inspiration by the IOZETA BCH candy machines he combined the two ideas to create:

“Coingraze — Your Digital Petting Zoo”.

People all around the globe will be able to set up their own animal feeding machine that can be activated online while live streaming the results uniting animal owners and the curious at the same time.

Kilian will be gamifying the digital petting zoo through enabling CashToken technology to support tokens and NFTs.

Some of the gamification includes:

Leaderboards, Live Feeds, Upcoming Auctions, NFT Avatars, Adoption NFTs.

Some of the proposed functions of livestreams are:

Feed animals, Top care givers, Level Up (allowing you to eventually adopt an animal)

NFTs of ownership can be auctioned

There will be a limited batch of initial beta machines that people can get through the pilot program.

Device ownership is also by NFT

The requirements are

1. a suitable location

2. initial investment

3. contact and approval [email protected]

Next was a short break and the first time the full group was able to converse together. As with all meatspace events there is something a bit magical about finally being face to face with people you have been conversing with online for years. Or the joy of meeting someone you have seen on the BCH Podcast etc. or perhaps someone whose work in the space you admire. There would be many such breaks and opportunities over the 2 day event but its hard to deny the electricity in the air. After everyone was sufficiently caffeinated it was time to head back in.


Jeremy next introduced the keynote presenter, Mathieu Geukens while listing his lengthy accomplishments and projects in the BCH space.

Mathieu’s topic was: “The State of the CashTokens Ecosystem After 1 year”

When Cashtokens launched he tweeted “Cashtokens is the BCH comeback, watch.”

Mathieu went on to explain what CashTokens are and what they can do and how they differ from other token systems. CashTokens is a smart contract upgrade to BCH first and foremost. Allowing developers to make advanced decentralized applications that use smart contracts that contain “local state” as well as “contract emitted messages”. Contracts and commit their state to an NFT that can then be read by other contracts. CashTokens are also native and miner validated meaning they are not a side chain and do not rely on other special services.

Mathieu quoted the father of CashTokens, Jason Dreyzehner who explained CashTokens like this:

“CashTokens enable decentralized applications comparable to Ethereum contract functionality, while retaining Bitcoin Cash’s >1000x efficiency advantage in transaction and block validation. “

Mathieu asked: “What is the current state of CashTokens?”

BCH can do automated market making decentralized exchanges allowing 24/7 trading through the Cauldron dex making BCH a defi Layer 1 chain something many L1 chains such as BTC and LTC can not do.

Mathieu gave an overview of the CT ecosystem including all supporting wallets as well as the dexes and NFT creation tools and other projects. Finally he talked about the infra and tooling.

The first year saw the creation of a huge amount of infrastructure as CashTokens are new and novel and not just a copy of Ethereum’s EVM. Wallets and explorers and nodes and many other vital components of the ecosystem needed to be updated.

Mathieu talked about how flipstarter helped played a huge role in the funding and creation of these projects. As well as all the innovation that has taken place in the last year. shows a list of all available dapps on BCH. Tokenaut now shows the number of unique addresses roughly showing popularity of projects. 12 out of the 13 smart contract enabled projects have launched since the CashTokens upgrade. The funding of BCH GURU by the sale of NFTs allowed the creation of a prediction market which is now live. CashTokens Studio allows you to quickly and easily create your own tokens.

Mathieu said that he really wants to emphasize the power of network effect. We need to get the wider BCH community to start using and be excited about CashTokens which are not only investments but useful in various projects in smart contracts that provide utility. The pieces are all in place. We just need to put them together. He believes we can all be involved in spreading the word about BCH and CashTokens to our own community and the wider world even if you are not a developer.

He talked about how CashConnect now shows details about the TX you are signing allowing you to make safer decisions about what you are doing with your money.

Mathieu’s vision for the future:

Native wallets — a wallet that fully understands BCH transactions including smart contracts.

CashConnect — improves upon wallet connect through templates.

Contract Templates — simplifying apps and contract creation as well as safety.

Parsable NFT commitments — providing with a receipt NFT for pool investment etc.

  • Increased VM limits as a possible 2025 upgrade.
  • Synthetic (pegged assets) stable coins etc.
  • Improved oracle setup currently only GP has oracles.
  • Yield/staking getting more people to lock up their BCH etc.
  • Cross-chain bridges.

Mathieu’s final message to the world was “CashTokens is the BitcoinCash comeback, join!”

Next was lunch and after was the “Open House” section of the conference where tables were setup for builders to showcase what they are working on where people could go around and ask questions and learn.

The tables were occupied by the following projects:

A Fifth of Gaming.









CashScript Coding Workshop.


Selene Wallet.


After the “Open House” section there was the exclusive Dinner and Social Events (including an escape room) for VIPs and builders to end the night.


To watch the full day 1 conference video check out the link above. Stay tuned for our coverage of day 2.


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