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I went all-in on the Potato POTA SmartBCH token.

By francis105d2 | Bitcoin Cash BCH | 30 Oct 2021

I will like gambling today, so I decided to exchange everything I own in cryptocurrencies for SmartBCH tokens, not for a particular reason but to have fun and test out farming on Smart Bitcoin Cash. My total holdings are around 0.05 BTC or 5 Bitcoin Cash just before exchanging it for POTA.


The process to exchange into Smart Bitcoin Cash tokens is very simple. In my opinion, if you already have dollars or any other cryptocurrency, you need to utilize either a centralized exchange or a swapping exchange for Bitcoin Cash and send that to CoinFlex to convert into Smart Bitcoin Cash.

Buying the token was also easy. It is pretty much just a few clicks, and you are in, and the best part is you don't need to KYC yourself to anyone else; you buy what you wish to purchase and do with your satoshis what you will. It is pretty much your own money, and you move it as you see fit, without having to ask for permissions, the only thing you need to know is how to make the trade, which you can learn by just watching a video on YouTube on how to trade on decentralized exchanges.

The fun didn't end with just exchanging my satoshis for POTA. After that, I decided to provide liquidity just because I want to help out the token that I am investing in; I am having fun and helping the project I choose to grow by providing my purchasing power so that others can buy or sell with much ease.

Mist decentralized exchange has farms available for Potato POTA. It is only about 40% annually and will decrease as more users provide liquidity, which rewards my money locked up on a contract. You get little cash from giving liquidity, but it sure feels nice to see your tokens grow. When providing liquidity, there are risks involved, so don't do it if you don't understand them.

I guess the funniest part will be in a couple of months when my Mist payout is large enough because I will be able to farm my investments pretty much. Ant is where the fun starts and ends at the same time. At this point in the game, I don't know if my gamble will be an investment or just that gamble; only time will tell. But sure feels fun to lose money this way. At least you know you would not lose it because a central bank decided to print your cash out of existence.

I will continue to write articles here on read cash and short post on noise cash as well. After all, now I will need those tips to have funds to create some transactions on SmartBTC. If I need to collect some rewards and don't have funds to pay for the fees, I can always come and post something to get some tips to pay for the costs.

Not many people know about Smart Bitcoin Cash that means the potential for mad gains is at least, in my opinion, realistic if the Bitcoin Cash community supports SmartBCH. Should you buy a Potato token? that will be up to you. This is not a chilling article but just me telling my story.

I was going to buy Celery tokens instead of Potato, but I changed my mind because I'm not too fond of the idea of having only to buy 10% of the total supply while the other 90% could be dumped on LP. Since POTA presold 70% of the total supply from the get-go, I decided to buy it instead, not to mention that it was the first IBO.

Since I am staking the liquidity, I provided I will be receiving some Mist tokens daily, so I will probably write about it later. I will stake my Mist instead of providing liquidity, and I will probably try to use my tips to pay for fees on SmartBCH.


If you buy smartBCH tokens and provide liquidity soon, you will be receiving tokens that you can either sell or stake if you are using the proper decentralized exchange. All of that will create transactions, and as such usage, soon enough, people will find out about SmartBCH because each transaction that happens is just another transaction that adds up and tells the world Smart Bitcoin Cash is not dying any time is here to stay. Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin that actually works as a peer-to-peer currency and now has Smart Contracts, which is the Bitcoin that Vitalik wanted to code on but couldn't thanks to 1MB blocks.

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