Satoshi Nakamoto was smart for disappearing after creating Bitcoin

By CryptoEnthusiast | Bitcoin blogs | 16 May 2021

Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the BTC Whitepaper and creator of Bitcoin disappeared in 2010. Leading up to the disappearance he collaborated with other developers to ensure Bitcoins success. Given the significance of what he had been created and the potential it held, why did he step away?

 In my opinion, Satoshi Nakamoto knew Bitcoin could not be truly decentralised unless all decisions were made by its community and he, being the creator, held too much power so had to step back. If he had stayed and continued contributing to development, the coin would be his image and he would be no different to the banks he was trying to distance himself from. By vanishing, he put power into the hands of developers and the community making bitcoins development democratic and decentralised early on.  

Theories of Satoshis whereabouts range from him being dead to him secretly having another BTC bag and living comfortably somewhere warm and sunny, I hope it’s the latter. Because Satoshi was smart enough to start the crypto revolution and smart enough to back away.  

Elon Musk has demonstrated the issues with a centralised power/crypto figurehead. He can summon his fan base on demand and direct them at a crypto of his choosing to pump the price, his tweets are designed to cause FUD, he’s wildly inconsistent. Every move Elon Musk makes is watched and impacts the market and he knows this and plays on it. He is the opposite of Satoshi.  

Personally I felt crypto thrives without figure worship. I’m excited to see how the Elon/BTC/Doge love triangle plays out but personally, I’m rooting for the crypto’s to rekindle their alliance and the influencer to be frozen out.  


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