Russia Goes Live with Blockchain Voting

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Does it seem ironic that Russia is at the fore-front of using blockchain for election transparency? Here in America we're having a big flap about the potential of corruption for using mail-in ballots instead of in-person voting (bcz COVID).

Sweden, Sierra Leone, and other places are already ahead of the game... Do you think Putin, etc, can be trusted to do this right?

Read more here and let me know whether you think Russia is legitimately trying to bring democratic transparency to Russia's voting system, even tho he is up for re-election himself and therefore stands to lose?

"Detailing the modalities for the exercise, the government revealed that the process would use a blockchain-powered e-voting system. An excerpt from the notice reads:

“The safety and transparency of electronic voting will be ensured by blockchain technology. Such a network does not have a single server: in order to change the information regarding bulletins, it is necessary to obtain the approval of most network participants, so the blockchain chain is almost impossible to crack.”

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Guy Malone, CBP
Guy Malone, CBP

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