Crypto Gossip - Will this be THE Integration Ebay uses when they are accepting Crypto?

As the title says...this is just Gossip but I still wanted to share it with you all, because if correct you might make a quick 2 or 3X on this.

If the gossip is true then EBAY will use a Utrust UTK integration for accepting crypto and even though EBAY is a bit outdated this will definitely be huge for Utrust. 

Check the source, DYOR, and let me know if you find more hints that might provide a bit more direction than the below video. And If not I guess we will have to wait till the official announcement on March 10th.

Link to the correct part:

It might be a coincidence it might be that the news is out but their price is already up significantly over the last 48 hours. 


Thanks for the read, please let me know what you think and feel free to hit the like button.


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