Bitcoin Baby - Day 10 "Back to the Future"

Talking too much about trading lately and too little about the one coin that rules them all.....In BTC we Trust.

So Yes , I am hodling two other projects, but there is only one I would not sell for the next couple of years.... and of course that is the mother of all cryptos.

One coin to rule.JPG

Why I will be Hodling on to this one for dear life is obvious right? I mean just look at what happened since this amazing piece of technology surfaced in 2008.

First signs of Crypto life

In a 2008 BTC was outlined on white paper published by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous person or group.
In early 2009, Nakamoto released Bitcoin to the public, and a group of enthusiastic supporters began exchanging and mining the currency.
history 2.JPG
history 2.JPG

And as any world changing invention, remember electricity (who needs that weird stuff? You can not even contain it) or a home computers, (why would people want an over-sized calculator in their house) it was received with some skepticism.

Peter Schiff Radio Show with Bitcoin (YouTube)
Peter Schiff - June 20, 2011 BTC($17.50)

What [bitcoins] lack is their own fundamental intrinsic value. You can’t do anything with a bitcoin, other than trade it for something you want. So, intrinsically, the bitcoin itself has no value. It only has value as a medium of exchange so long as people are willing to accept it.

GoldenCyberfetters (The New York Times)
Paul Krugman - September 07, 2011 BTC($7.16)
Nobel Prize-winning Economist

So to the extent that the [Bitcoin] experiment tells us anything about monetary regimes, it reinforces the case against anything like a new gold standard – because it shows just how vulnerable such a standard would be to money-hoarding, deflation, and depression.

And there were a million more skeptics out there.

History proofed them wrong.....

It took a couple of centuries to convince mankind that the earth was not flat.
It seems it only took 13 years to convince them that Bitcoin will be the monetary value of the future.

But when you have solid proof like this, who can still deny?


And to top it all off, 2021 will probably be considered the year that Bitcoin went mainstream, with Microstategy & Elon Musk leading the way.


So for all those noobs, that were lucky like me to get a Christmas present and turn that into crypto, it seems we were just in time.

Because you know Crypto has gone mainstream if your mom starts texting you about it.....


But true world wide acceptance will be a fact when the only thing more financial conservative than mom´s start to get their hands on Crypto. Of course I am talking about Banks (JP Morgan, BNY Mellon and Bordier & Cie SCmA to name a few).

Once these hodlers of old school cash are jumping on the crypto express you know it means business, because those guys have noses trained for decades to sniff out big profit projects.

Does that mean Bitcoin will never Dip Again?

geb dip.JPG

Well these last weeks made clear that, at least for now, BTC still will Dip and probably keeps dipping in the future. I can tell you that we already can expect to have a big one early 2022, as those huge ones tend to happen every year in Feb/March.

keep calm.png

The question is what will these big banks and companies do?

Will they need to sell as they can´t hodl...? Because stakeholders will not accept "Keep Calm and Hodle On" as the answer to a 50% loss.

But, here is a big but to this dip story.

If we look at history, Bitcoin always came back stronger after a dip. And we noticed that yesterday once again with another BTC ATH at 61K after it dropped over 10% from it´s previous ATH. 

So now I am asking myself, what to do when the next big dipper hits? Will I HODL, or will I be able to sell in time and buy the dip back?

That brings me back to where I started...

I would never sell my BTC, but I would lend them back to the community if I am able to spot the dip.

Only to buy them back later and take some profits of course...😋

Who knows, maybe by that time I would be able to buy a whole Bitcoin.

For now, until I able to travel back in time, I will be buying those huge BTC dips as the history proofs that BTC is the biggest Come back Kid ever.


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Thank you for reading & Thankful for any comments, Tips & Tricks.

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