Why Gaming Is A Primary Entry Point For Crypto

When it comes to gaming I bet each and every one of you have played some type of game. Even bought a game or bought a item in a game in your life time. What makes gaming so epic is that it's enjoyable can be played with friends and really just builds a strong community around it of those who enjoy the game to talk about it with strategies etc.

In fact the gaming industry is expected to grow to 256 billion by 2025 with over 2.5 billion playing games world wide. This is a MASSIVE industry for cryptocurrency to tap into. Quick seamless payments, NFT's verified on the blockchain and I'm sure much more to come. In fact starting early 2021 we should start seeing MMO type games like WOW run on blockchains!




Onboarding is a major issue with a lot of blockchains right now. It's difficult to understand keys and how it all works and many coming in for the first time don't understand if you lose your keys well that's it! Gaming providers often times an easier to sign up onboarding process. Nothing complicated to understand just create an account, wallet auto generated PDF sent with the wallet data.




In many cases crypto games don't even feel like they are crypto games. The in game currency is a token of the game on whatever blockchain and NFTs are tied to the account and can be accessed by the marketplace. Currently two things missing from most games here on Hive. Many Hive games end up using Wax for NFTs and there's no reason why Hive itself couldn't support NFTs as we have seen it done with NFTShowRoom. If anyone is a dev that would be up for building this let me know.

We have grown accustom to most games having their own form of currently be it VBucks in Fortnite, ISK/PLEX eve online or a host of other games. What if those in game currencies actually provided you with value as you earned them in the game.

Would that not make you play even more and perhaps invest more time/money into the game?




Right now there are a number of crypto related games that are easy to start getting involved with. I listed some of the few I enjoy the most. Playing these actually earns me roughly $20 + a day! Which is nuts lol

SplinterLands Hive, Wax
Rising Star

There are a host of upcoming popular games but honestly the gaming community within crypto has been a little locked down as of late with high fees from networks like Ethereum. This really has hampered growth for the gaming community in crypto however I see if we push some good quality games and marketing around them for Hive along with a solid market place we could really ramp things up around here. I'm sure HIVE was built to be much more than a simple blogging platform with voting.

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