What Really Is Fueling The Rally An Inside Look

What Really Is Fueling The Rally An Inside Look

Since last month massive amounts of cryptocurrency have been moving. But the market cap still remains just 1/4 of what it was in the biggest rally in 2017 which pushed bitcoin just shy of $20,000


This is screen shot taken from coinmarketcap.com you can see the gray lines under the market cap (the blue line) As you can see the volume has been growing and has spiked just recently.

The crypto market was moving roughly 61 billion each DAY when the rally was in full swing.

What are we at now ?

70 to 90 Billion daily

These are massive amounts of money being moved at the moment and it is all internal for the most page as the market cap on these days has only really grown by 20 billion.

This shows a huge amount of wealth being transferred out of some cryptos and being dumped into bitcoin.

This rally is at the moment more internal then it is external like we saw back in 2017.

This does lead me to believe the shift is happening at the moment to get ready for institutional investors here in the next few weeks.

But it also shows me that this rally most likely wont last to much longer as outside money is not really coming in on such a high level as it was in the previous massive bull run.

Also if you look at the market cap percentages Bitcoin is rocking right now while XRP is falling and some other alt coins.

This also goes to show that market caps are simply moving within the coins and being pushed to Bitcoin as the largest majority.


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