Interesting Turn Of Events for COIN Stock

It's going to be a busy day in crypto land and the stock market as the first ever exchange gets public listing on NASDAQ. That stock ticker being COIN.

Stocks & Binance


Binance as of a few days ago allowed buying of the stock TESLA ticker TSLA on NASDAQ. These tokens get exchanged on the binance network and represent one share of TESLA.

With Coinbase going public today ticker COIN Binance has also announced it will allow for trading a token on their exchange which represents one share of COIN.

This makes for a rather interesting move. A somewhat centralized exchange is now tapping into stock markets. I am for sure there is going to be some blowback from goverments about this sooner than later as I'm sure COIN and TESLA wont be the only two stocks they list on Binance.

The question is do governments really have any right to combat this and in trying to do so will it even amount to anything.

The Mega Corp Takeover


In one way this is a good thing as it shows banks and governments losing control. However on the negative end it's showing more mega corporation take over compared to ever before.

As much as we have strived to make things decentralized for some reason money flows into more centralized platforms such as Binance. Is this because centralized systems offer some type of security while decentralized all we ever see are rug pulls without any reproductions?

I often hear from people including in discord chats that they invest in some crazy new crypto or DeFi project and later find out it rug pulls and simply shrug it off and laugh. But honestly that is super damaging to the decentralized system we are all striving for.

In being decentralized each one of us is responsible for our own investments. The more you don't research and invest into shady DeFi projects or shitcoins the more damage it does to the entire system and yes YOU you the investor are at fault for allowing this and fueling it!


Stock Gains


If we look back at when Tesla was listed on Binance as being listed it looks like the price jumped from $677 to upwards of $750. However as of today the stock has already dipped. This is what I expect from COIN Over the next 72 hours as hype around it continues to grow along with it the Binance listing now. This should overbuy the stock quickly and make those IPO investors sell off take their gains and then buy on the dip around about 5 days or a week.

This is a process we see over and over again with IPO launches one of the more recent big examples of this was Twitter back in Nov 2013. A massive rally for the first few days leading to a heavy sell off buy sell buy sell and then leveling off. It wasn't until just a few months ago that twitters stock price finally climbed it's way back up to the 4th day of the stock hitting the market.


What are you thoughts?

What will binance listing stocks mean for stock prices as well as government interaction?

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