Coinbase After 24 Hours - What To Expect

No matter what way you put it or if you dislike Coinbase it's a fact that that company has single handly done more for Crypto adoption than any other.

Coinbase has been one of the EASIEST ways for newcomers to buy into cryptocurrency with a smooth clean UI and one that honestly just makes sense to people new to the crypto. They also have EARN which is a program you can go through that teaches you about a token or crypto for better understanding. Once completed you earn a bit of that coin or token. It's actually a really smart play as it allows others to learn and get excited about a crypto and then become an owner of it. It's so stupid simple but has profound positive effects for that blockchain. Awareness, new investors and using that crypto/blockchain.


Coinbases Price currently sits at $334.06 at the time of writing this

Which is down from the all time highs of launch of $409.62 It's pretty much why you NEVER buy a new stock right out of the gate it always dips lol We most likely will see a bit of a rally today on it as new investors start to jump in and those that sold at open rebuild shares they sold early on. I believe the IPO sold at $250 per share? However I could be totally wrong on that. But you can see if you bought in on the IPO at $250 you most likely would have sold within those first few hours and picked up SERIOUS profits.

What I'm curious about next is if COIN the stock ticker for coinbase is going to pay dividends or not to stock holders. A part of me thinks it might as the primary income for Coinbase is fee collection on both buy and sell orders as well as staking crypto within it. I see A LOT of people buying into coinbase staking and earning interest on their coin moving forward as the trust factor is now there being that the company has gone public. That means more revenue collection for Coinbase on the daily.


What did coinbase going public do for cryptocurrency in general?


It's difficult to tell how much of an impact Coinbase had on the crypto market cap but as of the last 24 hours the market cap has hardly changed. It looks like the market cap hasn't moved at all and the rally happened before hand which is something else I expected to happen. Just like when hard forks are announces or a halving of a coin for mining the price is already locked in before it happens.




What is pretty awesome and something we need to remember is that we are at a 2.2 Trillion market cap which is still SMALL! It's 20% of the total amount of money locked up in gold in the world or roughly 2% of the entire stock market.

Did you pick up some Coinbase stock?
What are you thoughts on the price moving into the weekend?


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