Are These Stocks Good Buys Now ?

As of right now Intel as well as AMD and Nvidia are trading at rather low prices due to a slump in sales mostly due to the cryptocurrency winter. However now that prices are starting to climb again and look to be increasing for the rest of the year could these stocks end up being good buys ?

Intel's biggest sales are CPU processors and some of the new ones push serious cores. In fact the some of the largest such as the i9 extreme boosts 18 cores and 36 threads for a nice price tag of about $2,000.

There are some coins still that are popular that are only mined via CPUs so housing some of these multi thread cores produces some decent gains.

Intel as of today trades for $44.04 which brings us back to the price point it had back in 2017 as the rally was just getting started. It then peaked at $55 and pays roughly a 2.4% dividend yield.

AMD also has a new line up of CPUs where are looking to really give Intel a run for their money this along with their video cards could bolster AMD's price.

AMD currently trades for $24.71 as of today and has NO dividend yield. It is also at an all time high however with their new GPU Line and CPU lines could see further growth and the crypto summer heats up.

As for Nvidia the new 2080's push about 30% more throughput then the 1080's with lower power consumption. The higher output with lower power has been key to driving their GPU sales for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum which are still POW coins.

NVidia currently is trading for $135.46 as of writing this and hosts a small 0.35% dividend. It is also back to the price point of May 2017 in which was just a few months before the massive crypto rally.

Could these stocks end up being good buys now as crypto heats up ? It's possible!

  • Please note this is not investment advice and is only for entertainment purposes.

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