Are Governments Really To Blame For Crypto ?

Are Governments Really To Blame For Crypto ?

When we talk about bitcoin adoption we think of the government, the SEC and the FTC being in the way to adoption. But is that really the case?

As I look back at the history of bitcoin and all that has happened in that time frame there are a few select characters in which cryptocurrency would be better off without.

Who are those people ?

Craig Wright - Was part of the peal off of bitcoin itself helping creating Bitcoin cash, got in another fight with bitcoin cash owner Roger Ver, split off of that creating Bitcoin SV and now as a new reason to dislike this guy has applied to copyright the satoshi whitepaper and the original bitcoin code.

Roger Ver - Split off of bitcoin itself with his own visions of what bitcoin should be. Created bitcoin cash, forgets that bitcoin is the core reason why he even exists. Created mass confusion in a time when bitcoin was skyrocketing. Some how had a market cap of 2 billion when bitcoin cash was created out of thin air.

Changpeng Zhao - Created one of the biggest and best decentralized exchanges. Exchange became centralized and now starts to make decisions himself that have huge ramifications. Decentralized exchange Binance is no longer decentralized.

If you ask me cryptocurrency would be in a much better spot without these people.

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