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7 Of The Best POS [Proof of Stake] Coins in 2021

Here are the top 7 POS [ Proof Of Stake ] Coins for 2021. Cryptocurrency is an amazing way to earn passive income and POS provides just that while giving back security to the blockchain for doing so.

#1 Tezos

This ICO coin raised over 232 million during it's period of launch and continues to be one of the best staking coins. It provides a yearly rate of 6.20% or delegate it for 5.5%. However be warned if you stake on Coinbase they take a massive 25% cut of your staking rewards!

#2 Dash

Dash is one of the granddaddy cryptos that saw it's moment to shine when it reached will over $1,000 back in 2017/2018. You can either stake this coin with wallets such as ledger and has a reward rate of 5.72% you need a large amount of funds however to really stake this coin. You could run a masternode which is 1,000 Dash but at the price of a little over $300 per each you're looking at $300,000 + to run a node yourself which would produce about $18,000 a year in Dash Coins.

#3 Hive

Yes, Hive offers a POS system in which powering up your hive earns you passive hive tokens at about 3%- 4% per year. That's not the only benefit however. By powering up your hive you also can earn curation rewards reading and voting on others articles.


This has been one of my own personal favorites since it's release and can be staked on wallets such as Ledger Live, Atomic Wallet or Guarda Wwallet. A masternode costs 10,000 units or $5,700 at current prices.

#5 Cardano

Cardano works somewhat like tron where you delegate out your tokens and earn a interest on them. This supports various projects in the workings on that platform by "voting" on them as witnesses in the network.

#6 Reddcoin

I always feel like Reddcoin gets left out of the mix. But it's a solid stable and battle tested platform. It's a social tipping service with a solid market cap of 91 million and around 1 million in transaction volume per day.

#7 Komodo

Komodo has gone into marketing phase which is always an important step to getting your blockchain traction and ranking. From this main chain projects can be created and host their own token sales.

There are hundreds if not thousands of POS coins. However you should do some research into the ones you want to stake as you will become part of the network. It should be a project with a proven track record, advancements, marketing and more. If all of those things are in place they you have yourself a solid chain to start staking on and helping support.


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