Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto


CryptoTab has been my number one money making app. There are 3 different apps for CryptoTab: Light, Pro, and Max. The main difference between the 3 apps is the hashrate for cloud mining. The Light version is 300H/s and the Max version is 2,000H/s with Pro falling somewhere in between.

Another difference is that the Light version is free but the other 2 are purchase only.

There is one more difference and that is the Max version requires us to check in every 3 hours to slide a puzzle piece to restart the cloud mining and the other 2 requires a person to do this every 2 hours. This is by far the worst part of CryptoTab. I wish that I only had to do this once every 24 hours. So since it is every 3 hours for me I have timers set all the time so I can cloud mine as much as possible.

It is very frustrating if I forget to set the timer or if I am busy when the timer goes off and I stop the timer and forget to slide the puzzle piece. So I loose hours a week by my own mistakes.

CryptoTab has set it up where a person gets a referral bonus up to 10 levels deep. Currently I only have my mother as a referral and she has not tried to get anyone else to sign up under her. She is still under the impression that crypto is “fake” money and unless she can use it at the store to buy things with it is not on her priority list of things to do.

It did not take me very long to realize that 300H/s did not add up very fast at all. So I did purchase the Max version, which gives me the 2,000H/s and a 3 hour reset time. My mom also upgraded to Max as well. We both bought the full year up front. I went a step farther and bought the x15 boost. This brought me up to 30,000H/s.

CryptoTab also allows us to install the app on 10 separate devices. The only way this works is if each device is under your Google account. If you install it using your Google account on someone elses phone and they log out of your Google account and log into theirs it will automatically log you out of CryptoTab on their device.

This is great to put on any old devices that you have laying around the house collecting dust. It is not worth buying devices to set up as cloud miners for CryptoTab.

Now what ever H/s you have will be on all of the other devices. My mom has 5 devices all running at 2,000H/s which totals 10,000H/s so long as all the devices stay on. She also has a computer as well. I have 2 devices running at 30,000H/s which gives me a grand total of 60,000H/s.

It does not matter which device you use to slide the puzze piece because all of the devices will start cloud mining. This means that you do not have to touch any of the other devices except to make sure they are still on and running.

On top of my hashrate I also get the referral bonus from my mom.

One more thing I want to mention is about computers using CryptoTab. They use their own CPU to mine so there is no set hashrate for computers. This means that the hashrate will vary from computer to computer.

CryptoTab has a lot of other things that they are working on including NFTs. I looked into these and I was not impressed. All of them have specific time limits and if I understand it correctly once the time runs out the NFT is useless. I am not going to experiment by purchasing these expensive NFTs to try and fingure out how they work and for how long they work.

If you are brand new to CryptoTab I would greatly appreciate it if you would use my referral link so you can help me increase my earnings. The link is down below. Give the free version a shot and see if it is something you don’t mind doing. Share your referral link with your friends as well.


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Free Ways that I Earn Crypto
Free Ways that I Earn Crypto

I have found a few games as well as apps that I use regularly throught the week. None of these make big bucks but over time I have accrued crypt. I will be sharring with you each way and giving you my referral links so you can gives these a shot.

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