By Shineyys25 | Bitclout | 4 Oct 2021


BitClout is a little different then most. It's not its own company. It's what you would call a proof-of-work Blockchain. It was specifically designed for running social media. It allows you to buy tokens and even trade them with other users! The cool part is, it's all based off someones reputation! 

What exactly does that mean, right? 

Well to break it down, it's pretty much all about the amount of people there is following one another. And each person that creates a profile on this platform, will get something called a creator credit for each and every activity on the platform. This includes but not limited to, every post , every like and even every follow. And so on and so forth 

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Okay okay, so most of us have a good idea on what Bitcoin is, right? But what the heck is BitClout? To sum it up, Bitcoin is decentralizing currency, whereas BitClout is decentralizing social media. There's not exactly a company that runs it, if you can handle codes and coins then this should be easy breezy for you 😁

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