I thought about you

I thought about you

By Sillypotatoes | BITch Coin | 8 Oct 2021

  • greetings, 

you’re trying to tell me shiba inu was a booty coin? 

USE your imagination.

literally imagine a coin will grow and it will

- just have rules in the bragging game: 

# use wisdom, don’t run into problems yourself

i see how my life would have been right behind my eyes.

if you think about life, you will surely see life. 

#avoid conflict, always respect each other

- it’s always about community. not singularity. 

#love those close to you 

# have integrity

just be cool bro.

allow fate to work its course. 

understand the waves,

purchase the dips 

you… just buy the damn dips bro 

I mean it’s time to enjoy the ride. 🤣🤣


it’s not about the money. money is dumb. 

it’s useless. it just helps us get through life. 
Just love. It’s love that gets us through.

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I'm a student of love through love, and peace. death is addictive, chose peace. your brain is the addiction

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BITch Coin

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