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By Bitcademy Football | bitcademyfb | 30 Apr 2019


Investing is an exciting time. We are allocating our assets into something we believe will give us a great return in the future. Investment, one or another, requires also some knowledge and common sense to avoid pitfalls and scams.

Bitcademy are going to start token sales May 1 and we know there is a big community out there waiting long for that moment. It can be exciting for you as we offer great opportunities as long as you allocate your money into the right hands, our hands.

We described benefits in separate Medium article. Look here:

We value our investors: security and return on investment
We are going to start our security token offering very soon. Our start date is May 1 and everyone with a minimum…

We write this article to give you a word of caution investing in STOs in general. We know that most of us are reliable and honest but there are always a few bad sheep that want to scam. Unfortunately.

STO starts soon and we are aware that you might be a part of our community or just noticed us, got some interest and want to invest. If you follow the below points, you will be fine and no one unauthorized will get your money:

  1. Token sales — the only website that belongs to us is https://bitcademy.ioWe don’t have any other websites! We don’t call ourselves bitacademy, britcademy, bitacadmy and so forth so beware of typos. We have https certificate on the site too.
  2. Token widgets — you can use two methods — either pay directly to our ETH address or you BestRate widget. These methods will be after you log in / sing up on our official page and located inside your personal dashboard (we will explain the whole process step by step in a separate article).
  3. Telegram — our telegram is We have 4 great admins that work hard for the group of over 21 thousand people. They never ask for money in private messages, they will never give you ETH address to pay money on. No one from the team will ever ask you in private message for ETH address. Even if the account approaching you has our CEO photo it doesn’t mean it’s our CEO.
  4. Social media- please follow official channels. As we explained above in point 3, we never give ETH addresses and we never ask to pay directly. All goes through our official page.
  5. Mail — we have 50K subscribers and we do send periodic emails about company progress. The only link you can safely click to invest is in an email coming from [email protected] We don’t use different emails. Be careful!

We value the security of our investors. Please follow the steps above and you will be fine in any ICO/STO investment. Of course, we hope you will start your day from good coffee and Bitcademy.

Join our revolution… tomorrow! May 1, remember. 

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