Blockchain as a tracking tool in sports

Blockchain as a tracking tool in sports

By Bitcademy Football | bitcademyfb | 29 Apr 2019


Few people asked us what is the reasons that we want to use blockchain in sports? There might be other methods than blockchain, it’s not needed, they said. We published an article describing exactly how blockchain can be used. You can find it here:

Why blockchain in sports?
The blockchain is a decentralised transactional ledger that is spread among the nodes that exist in the network. Little…

In this article, we want to share an example of how we can do it in Bitcademy.

As you are aware, our target is developing countries but also Europe. We built a portfolio of services and tailored them to different markets because we believe that what sells in Africa not necessarily will sell in Europe and vice versa.

Here is an example from an academy in Kenya in Nairobi.

Victor is a young football player who started early at the age of 8. By the age of 16, he played in 3 academies:

  • The first academy for 3 years,
  • The second for 2 years and,
  • He followed up for 3 years in the third.

Victor was a target of a Kenyan first league club and he was moved on loan to the club at the age of 16.5, spent there another 2 years and got his place in Swedish league when he was 18.

Before the move, he was officially sold to Kenyan club and then sold on the fee to Sweden. His career flourished and he went to Belgium, Scotland and then Premier League for 15 mln euro.

Uff, a lot of transfers and a lot of movement. A lot of solidarity compensation opportunities (around 1 mln USD to be precise) for small football academies that nurtured Victor to a star.

So now we have an issue — TMS system which FIFA uses started tracking Victor when he came to Europe but in Africa problem remained. Academies started to “prove” Victor played for them but there was some wrongdoing and each academy claimed he stayed for 5 years at least.

Then all ended in the FIFA court, took years to get the right compensation split.

Now, we have blockchain and everything is sorted. Do we need to tell the same story again? I guess we don’t. Victor moves from one academy to another at the age of 10 and the transaction is reported on the blockchain. Academies and clubs can’t tamper with the database or claim whatever they want. It’s all written on the decentralized database and the player movement is smooth. Transparency is the key.

In Bitcademy we strive to provide as many blockchain solutions as possible for football and sports from player tracking to digital passport to store some sensitive data.

Join us and be part of the revolution!

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