Hi dollar crypto debit cards and the hi dollar crypto debit mastercard

By Box | BitBox | 13 Oct 2022

Well here we have it! A potential card killer!  Now don't get me wrong. I love my visa card and will Continue to use it despite the reduced rewards however a new player is joining the battle! Enter Hi Dollars crypto mastercard. With an expected release date of November for the virtual cards and December for the physical shipping we don't have very long to wait!

The Hi dollar debit card can be gotten from as low as $35 now for the black card which nets you 3% cashback on purchases and one perk (such as Netflix) meaning the card will pay for itself in 4 months even without using it for any purchases besides the perk. The silver card is where it really picks up though. At a cost of $350 you will receive 5% cashback and 5 perks from the list of over 100 to choose from putting it on almost equal footing with crypto.coms black card which would cost you a $400,000 stake! Now these prices are will change as the price of hi goes up and down but as of this article the market cap is only $15m circulating supply with a fully diluted cap of under $700m giving this coin plenty of room for growth independent of the market conditions. Actual values listed below. 

Now you've probably noticed that 1000 hi dollar should actually be $50 and not $35 as stated above! When buying hi within the app you can buy it with a 1 Year lockup at a 33% discount. To get the card benefits you would need to lock this up in an earn anyway but if you believe in the project you can lock it for a year right off the bat and receive a third off.

When buying hi dollar for the card you need to make sure you have the full amount locked up in either vault or earn.  If buying discounted hi at a lockup it will appear in vault and you will receive 1/365th of the total every day into your flexible account each day until the year is up. So if you only bought 10000 hit for example for the black card after day one your vault amount+earn would now be under 10k so be sure to buy 1% more to cover your back giving you time to put the released vault into an earn.

Now similar to the staking rewards we got we have the same deal with hi. Depending on the lockup time chosen you can receive up to 40% Apr plus an additional 20-30% depending on your stake bringing it to a total of 48-52% Apr whilst getting the benefits of the card. Now these rates won't stay this high for ever, nor will the 30% discount on buying hi always be available. Hi dollar have set aside around 30% of the supply that can be bought off the market for the discounted price. Once this is sold all Coins will be bought on the open market and we will likely see staking rewards drop but the coin price increase meaning now is a great time to get in and have a genuine chance at a potential 10-20x if not more.

This of course isn't financial advice and whilst I've explained a lot to you it's always good to do your own research and look into it yourself. If you don't get have an account with hi and you don't have a buddy to give you a referral then you can use mine at Currently hi dollar is invite only so you will have to use an referral code from someone. 

Master card have themselves posted about this card last month. You can read the article here

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