Have you ever think that nowadays also receive free tokens can put you in danger and potentially exposing you to lose some of your tokens/altcoins?

Here I will present some of these tokens and strategy that are ready to trick and force you to waste money.
I described this scam attempt in bitcointalk , but since the $Waves rising of the last days and uncommon way of scam it is better share with much people as possible.


How it works?
There is the issuer of a coin that distribute them for free to each waves address (using massive invoice), as example take 5 free coins.

When you receive you see that this token has a good market value in $Waves DEX.
You can't sell because you hold only 5 coins. Minimum sell = 10 coins.
It sounds a bargain offer to buy more, since this will allow you to sell the whole amount, with a nice and very easy gain.

Here there is the tricky part. You can't sell it!
The minimum price is 1 waves and only script creator can sold at this price (most of the times with a monster supply!!!)
This script allow you to create an order bigger than 1 unit. So it's impossible resell your "free"coins. It's useless try to trade them since your order will be just refused.

Daily hundreds of $Waves are scammed out by these type of smart asset! 
[Check Token Issuer transaction history!]

Since $Waves require just 1 WAVES COIN to create a new tokens. this can explain why there is a burden of worthless project... and cheap attempts to fool people on their blockchain.

Some examples:
Sheer = minimum 15 tokens (you receive 10 tokens)
Jewel = minimum 100 tokens (you receive 70 tokens)
1-st SilverMine minimum 10 tokens (you receive 9 tokens)
GWWG minimum 10 tokens (you receive 3 tokens)
LuckyCoins: minimum 1000 tokens (you receive 777 tokens)
Tinny: minimum 50 tokens (you receive 30 tokens)
VipAssetDoubler: Minimum 1 token (you receive 0.5)
Price minimum : 50 $Waves

What's your opinion about these scams? Have you encountered something like this also in other blockchains? Feel free to leave a comment.
I will update my work, if needed, with the best comments.

Full list (updated) of these type of scam, can be found here

As reported before this guide has been posted also in bitcointalk here
[Royalty-free images taken from here]

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