[GUIDE] How To create a CryptoTracker

[GUIDE] How To create a CryptoTracker

What is the best Cryptotracker?
I tried several tools but personally I decide to realize one by myself with google drive & google sheet.
It's very easy to use and ready to be adapted for personal interest or purpose.

Just stay online and you get easily a real-time update of quotations in “euro/usd/btc/eth” related any cryptocurrencies/token.

Here I would describe a basic version. 1
I am not a programmer and the code of this script is not written by myself.
But the system is working fine and does it duty very well.

Open google drive and choose “New” and select “Google Sheet”
https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive 2
(You can create a new account if you are scared that google want track your coins)

Once sheet is open, click on “instruments” and choose “Script Editor”
DELETE all text that appear and copy past this code below.

function CC(name, currencyOpt, dataOpt) {

    var currency = currencyOpt || "usd";

    var url = 'https://api.coingecko.com/api/v3/simple/price?ids=' + name + '&vs_currencies=' + currency.toLowerCase() + '&include_24hr_change=true'
    var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url);
    var json = response.getContentText();
    var jsonobject = JSON.parse(json);

    if (dataOpt == undefined) {
        var data = currency.toLowerCase()
    } else {
        var data = currencyOpt + "_" + dataOpt

    var datatoreturn = jsonobject[name][data]

    return datatoreturn;

Save the function with “cc” name

Go again to your google sheet and create the column (this is just an example and you can personalize according preference or personal usage)


Token Name || Token Number || LIVE FIAT || BTC || Note || LIVE USD || LIVE BTC 


First Column - Token Name , this the label of your token, let’s start with “bitcoin”
Second Column - Token Number, we enter numerically how many coins you want to track (like 100 bitcoins ...).
Third Column



There are two variables.
-By substituting "bitcoin" = you can choose the token to be tracked.
Go to https://www.coingecko.com/ for the coin you want to trace. Do not enter the ticker.
Here is an example with Litecoin https://www.coingecko.com/it/monete/litecoin

-By substituting "usd" = you can choose which currency to receive the value from.
You can also choose other fiat or crypto currencies! (Eth / btc / usd / eur)

Fourth Column


You can insert a fixed reference on the value in bitcoin (value of your token [1 unit]  compared to 1 bitcoin)
[as seen in the third column but here we trace the value no longer in usd but in bitcoin]

Fifth column  
Note field is optional but it is useful for keeping some information, E.G address or other useful info.

Multiplying Token Number x LIVE USD


or for the BTC column




You will get automatically the value of your portfolio expressed in fiat or cryptocurrency!

Please find below a screenshot!



And here the link a copy already online (demo)

These values can be modified or adapted in graphs like a pie chart and it's very useful for seeing the evolution of your portfolio over time.
It can possible create infinite graphs, highlight trends, in short, free space to imagination!
With a script like this you can manage your crypto portfolio and ALWAYS be updated on the market trend Cool

You can directly aggregate these values ​​in a pie chart, useful for seeing the evolution of your portfolio over time.
You can create graphs in which the trend is highlighted, in short, free space to imagination, with such a script you can manage your crypto portfolio and ALWAYS be updated on the market trend.


Why did I publish this guide?
[1] I have not found a complete tutorial or guide, just "pieces" detached from each other and not easy to use.

Why did I use COINGECKO?
I can tracks any crypto, shittoken etc. Following the value of some tokens and checking between CMC the market (exchanges) it seems more reliable for that purpose.

Isn't it risky to keep this information on google sheet?
[2] For a hypothetical privacy discussion yes of course.
But if you have an archive where you list all the works of the Louvre, this does not mean that you are the owner of those works of art. : Smiley
I recommend creating a secondary account in google.

Why use a DIY crypto tracker
It is much easier to use and customizable than an online tools.

This is a translated version from my original topic posted here

This guide has been posted also in bitcointalk here

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