Saturn Network - Swap Erc20 tokens straight from your wallet

Saturn Network - Swap Erc20 tokens straight from your wallet

By TimeWaster | bitbay | 16 Mar 2020

Hello all !!


I have found interesting site , where you can spend your tokens from airdrops , even if they are not listed on any official exchange . 

Its very useful tool , especially when you realize that you become an owner of some shitcoin and you dont know what to do with this crap in your wallet . 


Lets go : 


Go to the adress below :




The site is nice for the eye by the way . 


next step is click on :


"my account/wallet"


after that you should see that site : 




Next step is connect your Metamask 


To do this , simply click on metamask icon , and go to  

"my accounts/settings/connection"




Now write adres and click "connect"

After a few seconds of waiting you should see your balance and tokens that you own .




You can now place the order and start trade . 


Good Luck !!



I usually waste time . I already waste 36 years of my life but the goal is 40


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