Where to buy BTC with a card: unicorns vs dinosaurs
Where to buy BTC with a card: unicorn vs dinosaurs

Where to buy BTC with a card: unicorns vs dinosaurs

By Bit4Sale | Bit4Sale Blog | 24 Feb 2020

How hard is it to buy BTC with credit or debit card?

10 years into the cryptocurrency and blockchain existence, yet there are still thousands of people wondering where to buy Bitcoin with a card. It is self-explanatory, credit and debit card dominate the money sector as they are fast and convenient. Moreover, you don`t need to way days to receive your deposit for your trading account. The answer for the question is rather more complex though.  

Now why it is difficult to answer the question? First of all, there are hundreds of exchanges offering to buy crypto via a debit or credit card. These exchanges are from different countries, supporting different languages , accepting various currencies etc. But this post is a different one. We want to compare a case of a dinosaur exchange and a unicorn one. More or less similar conclusion will apply to all exchanges locating in the following categories. We shall begin!  

Unicorns vs. Dinosaurs

A unicorn exchange is somewhat an new exchange with new technology, convenient user interface, and the know-how the competitors don`t have. A dinosaur exchange is well known brand in the crypto market, with established reputation and client base.   Let`s make a suitable comparison. Let`s take the case of Bit4sale and Coinbase.

Coinbase was one of the first exchange for crypto back in the day. There only were a few places such this one, hence Coinbase acquired its customer base pretty quickly. Bit4sale is new on the scene (though its been on the market for 1,5 years). It is unique in essence that it specialises mostly on credit/debit card acceptance. So service-wide, both exchanges are comparable. However, because its new, the client base is too small. One the one hand, clients may not have heard about them. On the other hand the trust is simply not there just yet.  

What is different between the two is the complexity of organisation. One is complex and huge, another one is light and fast. The same applies for fees. The unicorn exchanges charge less in commissions when clients purchase crypto with a card. However, this may remain unknown because clients simply don`t know that these unicorn exchanges exist.   We do agree that dinosaurs are well-established firms. You will always receive your crypto etc, just because the system has been tested thousands of times, all bugs corrected etc. However, the technology has really marched forward in the previous years. Even a startup may show better technological results than a long-lived website with hundreds of developers behind these scene. Moreover, because the complexity of organisation is less complicated, there are less expenditures, less time and effort spent on the development and management side. Moreover, dinosaur exchanges fear nothing, as they have their customers, so competition is already won. As a result, the development for these companies is over simply because their is no incentive. 

As a result, the unicorn exchanges can pass on the savings in terms of commissions and fees on to the final consumers, unlike dinosaurs who spend times more and ultimately clients pay for the brand name as well. Profitability is the key component in this game because the less clients pay for a product, the more they get in the future once they decide to sell or swap their investment.  


 We`re not asking everyone to go to any specific website, but we strongly offer everyone to review their platforms, compare the fees and google other companies offering the same services you consume. Do your research and shop around. Don` just overpay for something you can get cheaper! Pay close attention to reviews and maybe try other platforms. 


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