Introducing ApeX — A Decentralized, Non-custodial Crypto Derivative Protocol

By Bit Media Buzz | Bit Media Buzz | 15 Apr 2022

Amidst the high demand for decentralized product offerings, and the quest for censorship-free financial products in the financial industry, ApeX is bringing to the market a decentralized, permissionless, and non-custodial platform that allows for the creation of perpetual swap (funding) markets on any token pair. 

ApeX is on a mission to create a stable ecosystem that prioritizes decentralized governance, and censorship-resistant perpetual derivative protocol capable of becoming an industry standard.

An ecosystem suite of products targeted to cut across the DeFi and NFT sectors, ApeX  is also developing an NFT-based game: One Last Ape Standing. 

To date, ApeX has completed its seed funding rounds which were graced by heavyweight VCs and influential industry partners. The protocol has also launched its mainnet on Arbitrum and has completed the sales of 4,580 unique NFTs and in-game characters which were welcomed by mammoth interest, selling out within 3 days.

The startup has lined up a series of promotions and campaigns to reward loyal supporters in the coming months. These include liquidity mining programs, referral programs, staking programs, etc. NFT holders will be eligible to enjoy an 8% lifetime transaction fee discount and are entitled to participate in an NFT game competition to win up to more than 120K $APEX. 

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