Huobi Ventures invests in Land of Conquest, Investor Appetite for GameFi still going strong

Huobi Ventures invests in Land of Conquest, Investor Appetite for GameFi still going strong

By Bit Media Buzz | Bit Media Buzz | 5 Jul 2022

Highly anticipated blockchain GameFi project Land of Conquest has received funding from a leading VC Huobi Ventures. Other well-known investors that participated in this investment round led by Huobi Ventures include Mirana Ventures, PopFun, CCV, C2, New Start Ventures, NGC Ventures, K300 Venture, and CryptoPhd.

According to Ray Lee, co-founder of Land of Conquest, this recent funding by Huobi will partly go towards ensuring the successful launch of their much-anticipated game, with a closed beta scheduled to launch in August. Huobi Ventures is a subsidiary of Huobi Group, and invests globally in blockchain and crypto projects. They are currently on a campaign to deploy US$100 million into funding early-stage blockchain companies within three years.

We are impressed to see Land of Conquest attract such wide pre-launch support, and excited to see them grow. They have a solid play-to-earn game premise with proven market potential, and more importantly, all signs point toward this game actually being very fun to play. For these reasons, we believe that Land of Conquest will do very well in the GameFi space,” said a Huobi Ventures rep.

This milestone achieved by Land of Contest is a testament to the sustained investors' appetite for GameFi products despite the current market situation. The event has already set the stone rolling in anticipation of the game launch in which nearly 90% of the game's code has already been completed by the development team.

Land of Conquest is an innovative play-to-earn MMOSLG game set to take the GameFi industry to the next level. As an MMO simulated life game, thousands of players will interact and play the game together in numerous semi-realistic ways. The game is set in an apocalyptic wasteland in which players can construct their own bases, produce goods, train up heroes, and battle other players’ characters and hostile NPCs.

You are welcome to join over 97,000 passionate supporters across Land of Conquest communities on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram who are eager and waiting to start playing the game as soon as it goes live. 

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