An Islamic Finance Innovation: MRHB is setting world first standards in Halal DeFi solutions

By Bit Media Buzz | Bit Media Buzz | 11 Jun 2022

MRHB.Network, an ethical decentralized finance network, has announced three cutting-edge product releases, as well as a slew of significant integrations coming up on its halal DeFi platform in the next six months. This update was accompanied by a number of innovative, new features that will be available to the public starting from August. This series of updates will set the stone rolling for the unveiling of the other four key products in the preceding year.

Two of the highly anticipated products launching in Q3/Q4 include Liquidity Harvester for generating passive income/wealth and M.I.R.O. (Marhaba Incentivization & Reward Offerings) for halal DeFi staking solution.

“MRHB DeFi Network has a very strong roadmap to rapidly build out a full-featured DeFi ecosystem of ethical and halal finance solutions. The developments we are rolling out this summer will bring a wide array of functionality and utility to our platform, which we are very excited to present to our community,” commented Naquib Mohammed, the CEO, and founder of MRHB.

The focus is on ‘truly halal’ solutions.

Deniz Dalkilic, CTO of MRHB, who is the architect of the MRHB solutions, emphasized this: “Our tech team has spent almost 6 months with the Shariah Governance Board (‘SGB’) to find crypto solutions that are truly halal in substance — not just in form.” 

The two new but highly anticipated crypto wealth products launching in Q3 - Q4 include the Liquidity Harvester for generating passive income/wealth and M.I.R.O. (Marhaba Incentivization & Reward Offerings), the world’s first halal DeFi staking solution.

Down the pipeline, MRHB is also planning to launch 'CommDex,' a decentralized exchange for commodity-backed tokens that will be available through the Sahal Wallet, the world's first self-custodial multi-chain wallet designed particularly for holding halal tokens.

There is so much development going on in MRHB right now, and the second half of 2022 promises to be intriguing for the ecosystem. It is worth keeping an eye on all the updates lined up for the coming months and consequently becoming part of the future of the world’s first halal crypto ecosystem.

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