Top Ten Reasons Doge Is Going To One Dollar Soon!

By Bit Dawg | Bit Dawg | 16 Apr 2021

Bit Doge is right and you know it.  Doge is going up up up and Bit Doge says it’s going higher for ten reasons:

1).  Elon Musk:   Everything Elon promotes goes to the moon.  He has huge street credibility.  He said that he is literally going to send Doge to the literal moon.  This is huge for Doge as a brand.  If you think Elon is crazy about putting Dogecoin on the moon, he is not.  He has done it before.  A Tesla is currently in orbit in space just like he said it would be done.   He did it.  It was a huge brand identity promotion for Tesla.  Once Doge is on the moon be it a flag or a statue.  Every business will want it as an extra brand.  Elon runs SpaceX.  He has the literal ability to put the literal Dogecoin on the literal moon.  Everyone will be watching the landing.  Everyone will be excited about the landing. It will be huge for Doge.  The “to the moon” is on the back of the physical Dogecoin.  Elon has bought Dogecoin for his kid.  He will want it to succeed just like he made PayPal succeed.  Along with all his other businesses.   

2).  Doge is a brand.  Slim Jim’s parent company just reported results and included Doge Coins effect on sales.  It moved brand recognition to Slim Jim’s and increased its brand identity.  It will do so for several other products and services.  NASCAR.  Dallas Mavericks tickets and gear.  

3).  It’s a joke and loveable.  So was Facebook and Snapchat before they went to the moon.  Facebook started as Hot or Not.  Snapchat a platform to send nudes.  Both Snap and Facebook are multi billion dollar companies.  Well so is Doge now.  

4)   Doge has a huge community of Redittors that are pushing for the coin to be used on Amazon and backing the use case for the coin.   

5)  Celebrity influencers include Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Snoop Doge (haha), Gene Simmons.   More and more are getting on the train.

6)   Robinhood should be coming up with a Dogecoin wallet.

7)   Coinbase shoukd start offering it on the exchange.   To do so they will have to buy it in mass.

8)   Dogecoin is created by Microsoft programmers and has been around a long time.  They are capable of doing so many things with the Dogecoin crypto for its use case.  The developers give it credibility. 

9)   Dogecoin is so cool every tech company like Apple Google Facebook Snap should be incorporating it into their app.

10)   Dogecoin has done a lot for others and can do so much more. It sent the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics.   The Doge community will continue its charity to others. 

Buy Doge.   Bit Doge out.  I’ll bark at you later.



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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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