Stop losing track of your cryptocurrency research by using goDYOR

Stop losing track of your cryptocurrency research by using goDYOR

By kilrizzy | Binary Cabin | 11 Feb 2019

I noticed myself falling into a constant pattern:

  • Hear about a new and exciting cryptocurrency
  • Email myself or bookmark the website so I don’t forget to look into it
  • Forget to look into it

Luckily, many portfolio apps allow a watch list which can help with this problem. I add the coin to my watchlist and I’m all set, right?

This works with a few coins, when you have a few things you’re keeping an eye on. When this list grows to around 20–30 tokens, including some you’ve looked into and others you haven’t this can become quite a headache.

What I wanted was simple, a place to store my notes about the various coins I was either interested in, or have done more extensive research on. I wanted a way to rank my interest in specific coins so I could keep a close eye on them and wait for dips to buy in.


I built goDYOR to tackle this task of managing crypto notes.

Your journal allows you to add in new tokens that you want to research. If you don’t have time to look into it you can simply add the token and it will be marked as “N/A”, making it very easy to see what you have done research on and what is still pending.

Each coin allows several rankable categories: Website, Team, Whitepaper, Social, Road Map, Use / Value, Gut Feeling. I think it’s important to note that these categories will mean different things to different people, and that’s fine. To some, the social category might reflect how active the developers are, whereas to others they might rank Social based on overall hype about a product. I find it’s important to keep these fairly vague so that users can determine how they choose to rank / give value to a specific coin.

Along with the basic ranking section, each coin provides a large text area to provide specific highlights or details that can be viewed later.


As you add entries to your journal you’ll be able to get a great view of what you’ve read into and what your favorite tokens end up being reviewed as.

Be sure to stay safe out there in the world of crypto! :)
[goDYOR is also available for Android]

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