BSC Moonshot profiles: CluCoin

Clu is marketed as a hyper deflationary coin that redistributes 5% of each transaction back to holders, fairly similar to scores of other coins out at the moment. It also uses a further tax to fund a charity wallet, with plans in the future for holders to be able to vote on which charities are supported. They also have a staking mechanism and full whitepaper detailing their tokenomics and mission statement.

The development team is a well-known Twitch streamer and his public alias is also affiliated with Gridcraft and so expecting gaming tie-ins of some form or another in the near future probably wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility. The creator, DNP3, also has a track record of numerous cash giveaways and competitions through his various channels so the coin being a scam or rug, in this case, does not seem at all likely.

The hype surrounding Clu since long before its launch has translated to a massive initial holder base, and while every other crypto struggled to maintain market position Clu is currently bucking the trend and expanding rapidly. The presale alone generated reportedly over $2 million, and the collective size of the followings of the various backers is enormous.

The huge takeoff has possibly even been further helped by the fact that several competitor coins such as Safemoon2 have been rugged in the recent past and the turbulence of the market in the days surrounding the launch enabled them to gain extra attention by virtue of the fact that they rose while everything else fell . The background of the dev team in gaming also means that the coin is likely to be bringing fresh investors to the table not necessarily just those familiar with crypto which is also always a good thing.


The amount of backing and marketing behind CluCoin and the expertise of the development team in marketing mean that this isn't quite an ordinary start-up coin that I would usually review. Think more along the lines of the next Safemoon and topping a hundred thousand holders in the near future rather than something that will start small and build gradually into gains over time with a few hundred. The market cap on this one is pretty sizeable already but the rate at which it is growing and the plethora of big names backing this one means it should still have plenty of room for growth. As usual, do your own research before investing

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Binance Smart Chain Moonshot profiles
Binance Smart Chain Moonshot profiles

A series of profiles of BSC moonshots with massive potential, unique selling points, low market caps, low number of holders, and room for massive future growth. These profiles are based on my own research and you should of course always do your own as well before investing.

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