How to avoid the risk of cryptocurrency accounts being frozen

By parismexi | BigoMex Trading | 1 Nov 2021

If your account has been blocked, or you have not been blocked for precaution, please be patient and read the solutions I have compiled for you.

Next, I will give you a popular science “Guide to Antifreeze”

As we all know, decentralized cryptocurrency is a paradise for criminals,,mainly derived from:

1.Various types of fraudulent funds
2.Funds involving national security
3.Excessive funds for various ash products in other countries

Many homies have been in the currency circle for decades, and finally waited until they could withdraw. Boom, the account was frozen, and the thawing is nowhere in sight.

There are also people whose withdrawals have been frozen for a month. In this case, the scammer has not revealed anything yet, and Skynet has recovered without leaking. The police have frozen you after a month. In more serious cases, someone in a suit may knock on your door and detain you to “cooperate with the investigation.”

How to avoid receiving unknown funds?

  1. On all major trading platforms

More than 95% of the funds for gray production are USDT transactions. Due to the stability of USDT, the wear and tear of money is low, and the amount is controllable, most of the gray and black production uses USDT in the last step. So in OTC transactions, if you have cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, and ETH, try to use these direct OTC transactions as much as possible. This step can basically block the 95% probability of freezing. What should I do if USDT is required for large funds? OK, there are still ways to avoid it.

2.Payment method

Because fraudsters are too rampant, any bank card usually has a low turnover, and suddenly your account has a lot of money, or the other party passed the ABCD before the money transferred to you, and then came to you, basically your card will be Because the counterparty becomes a risk account. Therefore, try not to use bank cards for OTC transactions, and try not to use bank cards! Try not to use a bank! Use an on-chain wallet or other third-party payment institution. When the other party transfers money to you, it has been reviewed by the bank and the paypal risk control system at the same time. Very few PayPal funds have been frozen by the judicial system. Most of them are abnormal risks, which restrict you. Paying for a few days does not affect your own money. Furthermore, it is a very, very troublesome thing to say that the police car uncle wants to freeze your Alipay.

Some people have to use a bank card to get it, and they must be dedicated to the special card. The special card must not interact with other cards, and must not transfer money to each other, so as to avoid implicated freezes. At that time, because one card is frozen, all freezes, then Too bad, there are also such cases. Try to use local bank cards. Small local banks will be easier to solve the problem of freezing cards at that time, but it is still not recommended to use bank cards to withdraw funds.

3. Screen merchants

When withdrawing money, don’t look at the difference between one and two cents. Merchants with abnormally high prices often have problems. If you don’t benefit from it, you should choose those high-quality merchants that have been in for a long time and have a low complaint rate. The registration time should be in More than a year ago, merchants with a large number of transactions. if there is not? Then wait, don’t be too troublesome, it’s very much. Preferred merchants recommended by the platform, such as “Blue Shield Merchants”, etc.

4. Platform selection

For OTC transactions, try to choose a trading platform that is T+1 to withdraw coins. Why? Because too black money enters OTC transactions, if you are immediately frozen, the other party’s coins will also be frozen, so he dare not come to the T+1 platform for too black funds, which will block most of the black products.

After the transaction is completed, try not to withdraw cash. In case it is black money, you have spent all the money you withdraw and dare not say it for fear of being discovered by your wife. You can’t prove where the cash funds are going to cause great suspicion.

5. Funds are cut off

Your bank card has received a lot of fiat currency withdrawals. Theoretically, the risk is very high. The police uncle can also freeze your funds easily. Personally, I have to deal with it directly by using the network loan 500,000 to other bank cards. The bank card withdrawing money from the exchange directly repays the online loan without any handling fees in the whole process. You can also directly pass the funds into the securities account and then come out again. This approach is to intercept the flow. Except that the bank account funds are easy to freeze, it is very troublesome. After this step, if you can still be frozen, congratulations, the person of choice, you have received very dark money. Almost in case, pick one, which is equivalent to 100 times more than you open a full position. Explode a hundred percent.

6. After the above steps

The person who became the chosen one is frozen, what should I do at this time?

First of all, it is not illegal to speculate in coins, it is not against the law to speculate in coins, and it is not against the law to speculate in coins! ! ! Call the bank as soon as it is frozen and ask whether it is a judicial or bank freeze.

The bank freeze is not a big problem, and it can be solved in a few days. The bank simply consults some questions and asks you for some information to solve it. Judicial freeze is a bit tricky. You need to take the initiative to contact the other party. Otherwise, the police uncle thinks you are guilty and dare not contact him, he will treat you as a suspect, take you to sleep with tea for one night, and invite you to eat supper.

If it is frozen by the judicial system, it is best for you to prove the source of funds for the original purchase of coins, proof of work, etc. Then asked the police about the amount involved in the case, and asked him what the worst outcome was and when he was unfrozen. Normally, you will be allowed to wait for the case to be solved, which is almost indefinite. If there are a lot of funds in the card, you can ask him to freeze only the funds related to the case and unfreeze the rest.File the proper paperwork and file capital gains tax. Generally it can be solved.

Well, probably the process is like this, as long as you follow this step, there is almost no problem.

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