Bitcoin Price Soaring, Increase Profits with BigoMex Contracts Trading

By parismexi | BigoMex Trading | 10 Dec 2020

When the cryptocurrency market is volatile, that is the time full of opportunities to profit. Not only through spot trading based on daily price movement, traders can also use margin trading. With this type of trading, a trader can earn larger profit but also risk larger losses as well.

BigoMex is a cryptocurrency contracts trading platform from Singapore that provides ease of trading for users. This Platform simplifies the rules of trading and eliminates unnecessary buttons on the interface so that the user can focus on the basics. Users also can take advantage of the demo account to learn and master trading techniques

This exchange is opening margin trading services to users in South East Asia. Traders can trade the major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and others.

Margin trading is trading using funds borrowed from the platform, in this case it's BigoMex. This method involves traders who use a part of their own funds to buy an asset and borrow the rest from the platform that acts as a lender.

One of the advantages of trading with margin is the chance to increase profit. As an example, a trader that has 60 USDT in balance can buy 100 USDT worth of assets using a certain margin requirement. Through margin, traders that have limited funds can achieve the same profit as another trader with more funds but without margin.

However, since margin trading carries risk, traders with less experience should learn about it first using a demo account before real trading. To help facilitate that, BigoMex provides demo accounts for users that want to try margin trading.

The demo account is available to all users who have registered. Although only a demo, the user's transaction history is stored so the user can see the profit and loss they have obtained. A user will receive a demo balance of 100,000 BUSDT to margin trade in the demo account.

The price of the cryptocurrency in the demo account follows the real price movement, so a user's trading decisions follow real conditions. Through this account, users can use leverage starting from 10x, and set take profit and stop loss based on a percentage of the trade size.

With 100,000 BUSDT demo balance, a user has enough funds to try margin trading and become comfortable with it before using a real account. Visit the BigoMex site to get a demo account and try out margin trading.

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BigoMex Trading
BigoMex Trading

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