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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto


By Bigcrypt | BigcryptNFT | 11 Jan 2022

Please note that contents in my articles are not financial advice hence do your research.
When I began my walk about 2 years ago in the cryptocurrency world, I was quite unlucky but along the ride,I got to learn some things which I'll be sharing with you in my articles.
As a newbie in a developing country back then,I only heard of cryptocurrencies from YouTube while trying to learn more about investing money.

At the time I got to learn about it, YouTubers were paid for promotion. Before then, people already made some profits and were waiting to dump on us "newbie".
That's how my pathetic walk in cryptocurrency began.

  • To worsen it, I invested only in shit coins. Few weeks passed and the liquidity dried up for most of them.
    I became worried,got back to learn more about cryptocurrency only to discover that the best time I should invest in shit coins is when it is just created while waiting for the market capitalization to increase.
    How do you know of coins that are just created?
    I got to know of a site called Dextools(google it). This site shows a list of newly created coins. In addition,it shows the amount of liquidity that has been added to a token plus the time it was created.
    Personally, I invest only on those with over $500,000 because I stand a chance of not investing in coins that's not created by these hungry scammers because they usually spend less in creating coins that's to be rugpulled. If a coins gets rugpulled,you are left with worthless tokens in your wallet with your money all gone.

  • A little advice to those investing in shit coins is that they should never try to hold shit coins. Once you're in profit, pull out your money.

  • That's the first scam I fell for, thanks to publish0x, I've been able to share it with you all which will help in reducing the risk of falling for the same scam.
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