Brave Browser - BAT! Downhill for shooting himself in the leg.

Brave Browser - BAT! Downhill for shooting himself in the leg.

1. Brave - BAT! Grow at a high speed.

In the past time, we can have the combination of Brave - BAT rapidly developing rapidly, everywhere, every exchange, every newspaper, investors pay attention to Brave - BAT, succeed. That day, they had a small contribution of the online community. Their propaganda campaign has brought about really great success.


2. Brave - BAT! The climax of the downhill begins.

When it comes to Brave - BAT going downhill at this point is probably quite early, but when looking at their data charts from the announcement of the change in the reward level of each region.


The BAT Fan community is now significantly reduced, and they condemn Brave for not having any notice of changing the regional rewards right from the date of application is 1.10.2019. They kept that secret until the last days of October (October 26, 2019) and the climax of the downhill from October 27, 1919 they announced, one thing is for sure that they will know will fall if the notice. Notice from October 1, 2019.


There have been posts in the Brave community with content. (We lost 1 month in vain.)
I personally also feel that I really took too much time to build a community for Brave thousands of people, so that now they treat those who wholeheartedly build a more powerful Brave than Chrome, Moliza Firefox. If Brave doesn't give that reward to the community to help them grow, then the day they stand on par with Chrome will be very far. Until now they have reached the first milestones, they have been unfair to the Fan Brave community.

After the unfair changes that Brave has made, there will certainly be really big problems for Brave and the Fan Brave community in the future. Having a common voice will greatly reduce the number of members devoted to Brave.


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