CryptoGames Review- Learn about the stellar Crypto Casino that took the Gambling World by storm


The gambling industry is moving forward with outstanding pace. The birth of online casinos has completely altered the infrastructure of the industry. Innovations such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have been implemented into the system as well bringing unprecedented advancement in the industry. The magnificent online casinos are hosts to the hundreds and thousands of online gamblers who explore the internet in search of sublime entertainment. On the other hand, there exists an alarming lack of efficient online casinos which is why a large part of the online gambling community is often deprived of extravagant online gambling services. The exquisite gambling site known as CryptoGames presents itself as a savior in this dire situation as it can easily satiate the high expectations of ardent gamblers all over the internet with the help of its outstanding traits and its superior services.
A Curacao based company known as MuchGaming B.V. owns and operates the great online casino, CryptoGames, with unbelievable efficiency and dexterity. The site is licensed and is under complete regulation of the Curacao government. Despite being based in Curacao, The great casino has gained global recognition and has users from all over the world. Throughout the years, CryptoGames has continued to produce first-class services and has maintained its high class in the world of gambling and it has vowed to never falter in its services of satisfying its splendid community of users.

Be amazed with the beautiful and simplistic interface of CryptoGames

CryptoGames has a wonderful and beautiful interface that always manages to entice both new visitors and existing members of the CryptoGames gambling community. Despite its simplistic design and minimalistic outlook, the interface possesses all the tools that make it easy for users to navigate the site with ease. Even first-time visitors on the site feel no discomfort in browsing the site and accessing all of its features. The chat box functions as a channel for communication between users. The site is completely devoid of any unnecessary and distracting design that might falter the attention of gamblers when they are playing games.

Users of CryptoGames also relish smooth and flawless game play due to the light interface of the games. Users can play games on gadgets with low specifications too- eliminating the need of wasting extra money on getting expensive devices. Games can be accessed with a few clicks. Gamblers can also view the betting history easily on the screen beside the game that is being currently played. FAQ, Chat Rules and Support Link can be viewed at the bottom of the page.


Let our provably Fair Games entertain you


Gamblers from all over the internet are often mesmerised and awed by the superb collection of Games that CryptoGames has. These outstanding games have earned the unending admiration of the gambling community due to their old school vibe and the limitless joy they provide to gamblers.
These games have generated huge acclaim from gamblers of all sorts. Both veteran and novice gambler fall immediately in love with this fun packed games. Many of these games pre-existed the advent of the internet and were popular worldwide even before the world of online gambling came to life. The elite gambling site, CryptoGames offers 8 of these fantastic games. The online casino has also attached a plethora of handy tutorials and guides alongside the games, ease users efforts in mastering the games. The games provided by CryptoGames are – Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker and Lotto.
Moreover, the games are provably fair and thus users never have to worry about the game results being biased or flawed. Provable fairness is a system where cryptographic techniques are applied to ascertain that bet results are not altered by anyone and that gamblers can always verify the results of games. The site makes use of RandomPicker, a third party website that has anti cheat techniques to determine the fairness of all lottery draws. Furthermore, all data is publicly available and can by used by gamblers to verify the results of draws and bets.
Lastly, CryptoGames has a very competitive house edge that is extremely popular in the gambling community. It boasts the lowest house edge in dice with only 0.8%. Lotto has 0% house edge and all revenue generated from ticket sales is distributed amongst winners. All the other games also have reasonable house edge giving gamblers better opportunities of winning.


CryptoGames is protected by impenetrable security protocols


The internet has its fair share of notorious hackers and online attackers who will attempt to do anything to penetrate security protocols and gain control of invaluable cryptocurrencies. CryptoGames has undertaken a plethora of effective measures and steps to thwart the attempts of these heinous online attackers and to provide user funds with indestructible protection. Two Factor Authentication and SSL encryption provides user accounts with a thick layer of protection and prevent hackers from attaining user funds even when they manage to get user account and password. Even if Two Factor Protection is disabled, cryptocurrencies will still be far from the hackers grasp as email verification is obligatory in case of fund withdrawal. Even in horrific cases when hackers attack the casino directly, their attempts to grasp funds will be futile as funds are stored in cold wallets. All of these effective measures safeguard user funds from the reaches of malicious online attackers.

CryptoGames boasts impressive withdrawal and deposit options

The magnificent gambling site, CryptoGames knows that a gambling site functions at maximum efficiency when it has swift and reliable financial options. This is why the great casino has installed a plethora of efficient and fast deposit and withdrawal options which ensure transactions are smooth, fast and convenient. The casino accepts any transactions made by 10 different types of cryptocurrency- giving users a wide variety of choices. The cryptocurrencies are- Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. There is also “Play Money”, a test currency that can be used to try out any different techniques or ideas that users might want to experiment without upsetting their own balance.

The impressive integration of “Coinswitch” ,has also been adapted into the CryptoGames system. This handy feature allows users to deposit and withdraw different forms of altcoins which the casino does not directly support. Altcoins are deposited by using the Coinswitch interface which then transforms the altcoin to a type that is accepted by the casino. Users can also convert the coins back to their original form by utilizing the Coinswitch platform. Thus, financial transactions are made much easier through Coinswitch which massively improves the smooth flow of cryptocurrency in CryptoGames.


Get a glance at our wonderful Referral Rewards and Enormous Jackpots

CryptoGames is superbly popular in the gambling community due to its impressive referral programs. Users are granted a whopping 15% of the house edge of the wagered amount for every referral they make. . Moreover, this referral commission will be given to the user forever and bet losses will have no affect on this. Users can also contact the online casino directly at a custom rate in the case when they can offer something good to the casino or are interested in forming a partnership with the casino.

CryptoGames has games that often boast awesome jackpots! These games are closely monitored by extremely eager users on the gambling site who will do anything to earn these invaluable prizes. AT the moment, Dice and Roulette boast gargantuan jackpots which all players on the casino want to win! The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin now stands at an outstanding 3.836 BTC. If the rules are properly followed, users can win 100% of the jackpot. Altcoins users can win playing altcoin as they have their own separate jackpot.


A last few word

CryptoGames is a gambling site that strives for perfection and quality in gambling services. Ever since its creation, the casino has generated huge interest from the gambling world and has now become a monumental presence in the gambling society through years of providing top quality services to its fabulous user base. It has achieved its commendable spot in the industry by utilizing its multitude of awe-inspiring traits and features. The site has a simplistic interface which is optimised to provide users with a pristine browsing experience. The casino provides a set of games that have achieved worldwide recognition through their retro vibe. The games are also provably fair which is why players never have to worry about being cheated out of their winnings. It safeguards user funds with indestructible defence protocols. Users of CryptoGames face no issues regarding financial transactions as CryptoGames has undertaken a plethora of measures to facilitate the smooth flow of funds throughout the system. It has impressive referral programs and enormous jackpots that attract a large number of gamblers to the site from all over the internet. Lastly CryptoGames harbours a deep care for its extravagant user base which is why it has employed an efficient support team who deal with any issues that users might face. All the aforementioned traits have assisted the online casino into becoming a haven for ardent gamblers and the casino will continue to strive to produce mesmerizing services for its users and will strongly hold its high position in the gambling community in the years to come.


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