ConsenSys has aqcuired JPMorgans Quorum Blockchain

By BlueSkyCrypto | BIG NEWS | 31 Aug 2020

Yep, you just read that correctly.

Shit just got real, JPMorgan who was using Quorum has just allowed ConsenSys to take over Quorum protocol and allow a member of Consensys to sit on a board involved with JPMorgan!!! 

There is a lot of information in regards to this merger online and it speaks volumes to where Cryptocurrency is about to be Globally. 

ConsenSys is receiving a "strategic investment" from JPMorgran in return for handling the giants Quorum Blockchain in an effort to merge the two technologies and take over JPMorgans interbank 'Interbank Information Network (IIN) as well as the JPM Coin network.

WOW!!!! This has huge potential!

Essentially JPMorgan is going all in on Ethereum to bring Crypto Finance to mass adoption!

Theres still a lot of details to come but this is very exciting news!


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