Constancy consequence called success


Success, one of the most named words in the world of personal development and entrepreneurship. You dream and yearn for it; Success! You feel that smile with inner fullness when you hear and pronounce it. Perseverance is the beginning of a consequence called YOUR SUCCESS!

But what is Success? And even more important, what is success for you?

It is very possible that you spend much of your time thinking about success. But unfortunately you are thinking about that success that has been "prostituted" by movies, novels, series, social networks, in short, even children's stories.

When they tell you success, you most likely imagine a world full of luxuries. High-end vehicles, parties full of beautiful women and men in service, fame and lots of money. And, yes, all of the above may be success, but it is only financial and lustful success. YOUR SUCCESS is much bigger and broader than just money.

"What brings us success is God's blessing. Our eagerness adds nothing." Proverb 10-22

You see and follow people's social networks with pictures of luxury cars in the background and all kinds of material opulence. And you blindly believe that this is success. Well let me tell you then what you want is MONEY, and that's not bad because in the long run we all want and seek money.

So why do you automatically think of money when talking about success?

Unfortunately, the media has blurred the essence of success to sell more and profit from consumerism. Making you compare yourself with celebrities who can buy everything; and that makes you feel you are a failure, unfocusing all passion, dreams. And worst of all, they make you distrust the process you are leading are your productive habits. Finishing or delaying the road to success, they make you lose time, the main resource of your life.

It is a real crime what they are doing.

Success should not be evaluated by third parties. Success is personal, success is an intimate recognition, success is not comparing yourself with other people. You are a unique BEING, you have different ambitions, different dreams, different interests, different skills.

Success cannot be measured by finances, much less by failure. Failure is experience, failure helps you detect what you need to learn. Work with even
more passion on that skill or project that failure built.

The most important resource for your success is in you. Your ideas, your passion, your skills, your discipline, your commitment, to serve, to help; I have infinite qualities that have no monetary value whatsoever. If you relate money with a meaning of success, explain to me the following: Why are there people with lots and lots of money who are not able to feel fulfilled? Because they are not capable of producing ideas, they do not work on them.

So, it is not necessary to have money to achieve success?

No and Yes. Money is a means, a wonderful means to achieve things more easily. But if you don't work on yourself, if you don't take the time to know
yourself, to analyze what you want, what you don't want, who you are, who you are not. There is no money that will lead you to success.

Success is a state of mind; can the external factor of money have an influence, of course it can. The most important thing to keep in mind to BE A SUCCESSFUL PERSON is; to know yourself, to be self-disciplined, to have a high self-esteem, to be confident of your abilities, to be in constant learning.

Perseverance, in all those positive factors that allow you to move forward, is what will really lead you to discover your success. When some are sleeping, you are working. While some are partying, you are studying. When some are criticizing you, you are doing the impossible to improve. While some are telling you to be realistic, you are dreaming more every day. While some are crying you are selling tissues.

They say to me: Why don't I see you at parties? I say: Why don't I see you at the bank? MEME RAMDON

If you do not acquire the commitment to take charge of the whole process that you have to undergo. It may not be your true purpose, if you are not passionately realizing what you claim to be your dream; you will most likely not succeed, because it is simply not you.

And if it is, make sure you won't rest until you achieve it. You will work every day as if it were your last, you will not waste time proving to people that you can. PERSEVERANCE IS THE BEGINNING OF A CONSEQUENCE CALLED YOUR SUCCESS!

"There is no secret formula for success, success is in you, it has always been in you. You are the formula for your own Success." Leonardo Puentes

I invite you to make your own declaration of success.

Today, ___ of the month _______ of the year ______, starts my day 1. Today I take a step to the first step to overcome the procrastination of my dreams. Today, is the day where excuses will have no effect at the time of _______________________________________. The triumph that I have achieved today, by leaving the many excuses that have prevented me from starting this project called ____________________. I commit myself to promote and maintain in constant training the skills of: __________________, _________________, ________________ to start this road to success, I will leave aside the regrets, I will no longer look for culprits to my failure. Only I, ________________________________ am to blame for my situation.

Today, I have decided to no longer feed the circumstances that prevented me from leaving my comfort zone and which I have used to give meaning to my life. Today, I have certainly had enough of _________________, ________________, _____________________ and I will not wait another day to achieve my success.
The secret formula for success is within me, it has always been there.


These words engrave them in the deepest part of your BEING. Keep it in your wallet, where you can see it easily, because they are the beginning of a great road, which we want you to travel with us. Be clear that perseverance leads you to success and you will achieve it.

Share your statement, in the comments.

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Self-learning and successful habits
Self-learning and successful habits

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