Bitfinex Hack: $4 million of stolen Bitcoins just moved

By Bichoco | BiChoco | 11 Jun 2020

The hacking of the Bitfinex platform in August 2016 had made a big noise: nearly 120,900 Bitcoins had been stolen from the platform. 416 of these BTCs had just been transferred and distributed to several other addresses.

Whale Alert's Twitter bot was one of the first to spot suspicious movements. In fact, in addition to detecting large transfers of encrypted messages, this bot also reports all movements from addresses containing stolen cryptos.

In this case, about twenty transactions were carried out early in the morning of Thursday, June 11. Their purpose is obviously to empty an address containing 416 bitcoins from the Bitfinex hack in 2016.

As can be seen below, the hacker(s) has (have) split the booty on 20 different addresses, in lots of 18 to 33 BTCs, transfers worth between $185,000 and $330,000. A total of just over $4 million in Bitcoin was switched.


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