Poem: Wrapped Around Each Other

By bhmcintosh | bhmcintosh | 4 May 2019

There is such a thing as a wonderful, magical union of two hearts...


Wrapped Around Each Other

I love to spend my every waking day,
Just thinking of you in that special way,
And when you come to also think of me,
I know your thoughts dwell on me lovingly.

Our hearts they beat for two or beat for none,
Pumping life to both or neither one,
And should misfortune cause one heart to fail,
That lone remaining one won't linger in this vale.

There is no future time that I can see,
In which I cannot see you standing next to me,
And I am blind to any sun that does not rise,
To also shine its' light into your loving eyes.

And when nightfall comes to bid us go to sleep,
I pray our dreams are sweet and that our rest is deep,
So that we spend the watches blissfully,
Wrapped around each other tenderly.



The "red-black" heart image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here.

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I've written some poetry (currently posted on Steemit) and would like to explore more creative writing in the future.


I'm interested in poetry. Unless otherwise stated, all poems I post are my own, original works: Copyright © B.H. McIntosh.

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