Poem: My Daily Dose Of You

By bhmcintosh | bhmcintosh | 10 May 2019

There is an ailment of the heart, a condition that only love can remedy...


My Daily Dose Of You

I sought out doctors near and far,
Even traveled where the shamans are,
And searched the world in every part,
But found no drug, no healing art,
That could mend my broken heart.

A thief had come, slipped through my door,
And stolen what my heart lived for,
And by that crime of twisted stealth,
Left me poor, without that precious wealth,
That had kept my heart in perfect health.

So I gave up on my desperate quest,
To find what heals a shattered chest,
And suffered daily with the stress,
In abject, lovelorn loneliness,
As my feeble heart beat less and less.

Until the day when you arrived,
And touched my heart and it revived,
As you gave to me your remedy,
And treated me, so lovingly,
With medicine made just for me!

Now my heart is healed and whole once more,
And beats stronger than it did before,
And I feel with every thumping beat,
Hope coursing through from crown to feet,
And I stand in wonder at the feat!

You keep my loneliness at bay,
And make my heartache run away,
For now each day my joy is new,
And I with hope look forward to,
My daily dose of you!



The "love-pill" image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here.

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I've written some poetry (currently posted on Steemit) and would like to explore more creative writing in the future.


I'm interested in poetry. Unless otherwise stated, all poems I post are my own, original works: Copyright © B.H. McIntosh.

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