Poem: I Could Not Love You More

By bhmcintosh | bhmcintosh | 17 May 2019

Here I try to consider Love as being greater than any particular human attribute that we may focus upon...


I Could Not Love You More

Were I tall as Rhodes' Colossus, rather than of modest height,
Were I strong as Hercules, instead of lacking might,
Were I blessed with Legolas' vision, and not bespectacled eyesight,
Were I wise as Solomon, instead of lacking deep insight,

If all these gifts were mine, my Love, I could not love you more!

Were I fast and fleet as Hermes, and not such a plodding creature,
Were I fine and handsome as Adonis, and not so very plain of feature,
Were I instructive as a Socrates, and not just a learner, much less a teacher,
Were I a tenor great as Pavarotti, instead of such a tone-deaf screecher,

If all these attributes were mine, my Love, I could not love you more!

All the love I have to give, is in my deepest part,
For if I could reach inside myself and remove that loving spark,
You'd see it glowing in my hand, shining like a light in dark,
Pulsing to the thumping beat, of my ever-loving heart!



The "firecracker heart" image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here.

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I've written some poetry (currently posted on Steemit) and would like to explore more creative writing in the future.


I'm interested in poetry. Unless otherwise stated, all poems I post are my own, original works: Copyright © B.H. McIntosh.

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