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A recession is just around the corner, but why so when we just came out from the pandemic recession?

By Flakpanzer | Beyond Crypto | 24 Feb 2024

We all know we are barely recovering from the prior recession during the pandemic. A lot of industries are just recovering in 2023, though not all countries have recovered so far (like Mainland China), and some are still on wobbly legs supported by Government aid. In the US the Fed apparently is putting an end to some of that support,

but the question is, can the patient walk again in the coming months (and at least a year) without the crutches they have been using for the past 3 years?

The inflation bought about by the stimulus checks and the heavy use of debt to finance the governments throughout the pandemic has also eaten a lot into the budgets of the American people in general. I was shocked to see this in person when i went back to Arizona in 2022 after 6 years, it was a huge jump in prices on some items (which i am well familiar with, living in Southeast Asia). But this means that, for those who have no means of levelling up their income, the higher prices will eat away into their budget for other expenses. This is explained better by George Gammon whom i follow on youtube when it comes to explaining what is probably happening to the economy:

When your daily needs eventually eat up the bulk of your budget, this means you start trimming off the other stuff that might be nice but not so important at this time. This eventually trickles down into the market as having less of a demand of everything outside of needs (and at some point even needs as well will be in less demand as people start to optimize and economize themselves in their spending habits. No doubt this will lead into a recession. Where we are exactly now is not that clear, but it might take a year or so for this to be truly apparent. By then its too late to take action when the bandwagon comes in.

While this is definitely a domestic issue in the US, every other country outside of those under sanctions knows, that when the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.

The pandemic merely delayed what should have happened in 2020, but the world economy was already sinking before that (contrary to what most of the media would be saying), if you can recall, riots have been commonplace already in the months closing 2019, worldwide. The migrant crisis was still in Europe's door but was already becoming felt in the US as well. Just delayed, but inevitable already as we are now seeing unfold.

For many who do not have a stash of their funds stored somewhere, its a downward spiral until the recession is over in a few years. But for the rest of us who may have some flexibility left, its time to diversify our assets into various types. I would not recommend keeping assets in USD as well though, details of which are better explained in the links below (both from George Gammon).

Also from George Gammon a year ago:

Disclaimer: i have no contact with George and am not just merely promoting his site. But its my sincere hope that reading this might have given you a better view in what is coming ahead.

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