Basic TIPS of the day! EUROPA LEAGUE semi-finals!!!

By SM1997 | BettingTips247 | 6 May 2021

Hellow and welcome everyone. Good day yesterday with 2/3 on the additional picks and over 1,5 cards for each team won in Champions League semi-final. Today we have the Europa League semi-finals and we are ready for good games.

Let's start with Europa League predictions

Arsenal vs Villareal
Pick: Both teams score, over 1,5 cards for each team

Match analysis: Big game for both teams who want this trophy so bad. Arsenal can save the year if she wins the trophy and the same applies for Villareal. Hard game for predictions, i don't trust Arsenal, she is very unstable and her defense is pretty bad. On the other hand Villareal is a better team than Arsenal but it is a semi final game and all things can happen. So we end up betting on both teams scoring, Arsenal's and Villareal's frontilne can both score with a single chance. Another good bet on this game is the over 1,5 cards for each team. Villareal gets an average of 2 yellow cards per game, same applies to Arsenal.


Roma vs Manchester United
Pick: over 2,5 goals

Match analysis: I think that Man U is already in the Europa's League final and this game is has nothing good to offer us, but theoretically Roma believes in miracles so she will play super aggressive for an early goal that will give her hopes. On the other hand Manchester United can also score at least one goal or more, so over 2,5 goals seems like a good option in this game.


Additional picks that i like from today's schedule:

1)Academica Clinceni vs CFR Cluj (Romania: Liga 1)
Pick: over 1,5 goals for CFR Cluj

2)FC Botosani vs FCSB (Romania: Liga 1)
Pick: over 1,5 goals for FCSB

3)Al Ittihad vs Al Ahly (Egypt: Premier League)
Pick: over 1,5 goals for Al Ahly

These are my picks for today. Let's hope that we do well in all the predictions. Thanks for supporting and reading my posts. Make sure you follow me so you don't lose my daily picks. Good luck to everyone.

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