Who I Read on Publish0x (#MyPublish0xAuthor Contest Entry
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Who I Read on Publish0x (#MyPublish0xAuthor Contest Entry

By bettercallpaul | Better Call Paul | 27 May 2020

Hello Everyone! 

Without any excessive fanfare or long introduction, I present to you my Top 10 Publish0x authors: 

1.  CryptoSkinner.  My number one, all-time favorite, non-futurist-writing futurist author on the entire platform.  I absolutely love his writing style, including irreverant self deprecation that he does so well.  He was one of the first authors that I started following on the platform and he is still the one I look to for quality analysis with witty and interesting commentary.  I also applaud his use of Amazon Associates at the end of his newer posts, as he has written an effective and very personal-sounding script to go along with it.  

2.  ScottCBusiness.  Many people have Scott Cunningham on their top 10 lists, I am sure.  He does an excellent job with his A/V production and postproduction, and has created a viable economic vehicle for himself that he will likely be able to leverage to become one of the most authoritative influencers in the entire industry.  I am excited to see what he does next. 

3.  Igor Tomic, Publish0x Official Blog.  Okay, so no, I am not kissing ass here, I really love Igor's posts.  He has a way of taking something that he knows about on a very deep, deep level (the Publish0x platform with all features updates, contests, etc) and is able to distill it down to where it is effective to teach people who have never looked at the platform before.  This is something that is lost on many of the C-level or director-level developers in the industry, and for Igor to make it look so effortless, that's really an amazing attribute as a writer.  

5.  Roberto D..  I think Roberto was the 2nd or 3rd author that I began following aafter joining Publish0x.  He publishes on a variety of crypto-related topics through his Crypto Farm blog.  I appreciate his analysis and viewpoints, as well as his ability to explain the technology that he is writing about, as well as the broad spectrum of subjects that his posts cover. 

5.   tornadooo.  A newer author that writes short, concise articles that are easy to read and digest on-the-go.  In my opinion, it's always good to have several outlets that write shorter posts so that I can constantly keep up with what is going on, even while in transit (not while driving, of course).  The cool thing is that Tornadooo has been consistently producing mutiple posts per day, which is vital from those in the short-post category.  So long as he keeps this up, I think there is some great potential here.  

6.  Mynima and the Hobby Mining blog.  It's always good to have a solid resource that can explain mining in simple terms.  Mynima consistent does this, and the Hobby Mining blog is a resource I started using as educational tools when teaching people about blockchain. 

7.  The Part Time Economist.  I got hooked on The Part Time Economists analysis pieces, namely because he gives consistent quality based on data and research.  He doesn't parrot the most widely-used one-liners in crypto like some people do, but rather, he gives thoughtful analysis.  His breadth of knowledge is impressive, and I have found myself taking tips from his blog more and more. 

8.  Crypto Adventure.  I particularly like this author and blog and their mission to spread the word about all-things-crypto.  Mass adoption is obviously the most pressing challenge to overcome and overcoming this challenge requires educating the masses.  That's just what this blog does.  

9.  DARIOR/Dario Rodriguez.  Another auther that consistently produces quality writing that is not just the same content digested and repeated, but really gives his pieces the time and attention that they deserve.  I am proud to include Dario in my Top 10 list.  

10.  Creativeboy.  I chose this author because of the daily news aggregate post he does that compiles some of the most important and newsworthy headlines from all over the crypto universe.  Complete with nice illustrative graphics and short bites of information that keep beginners from getting overwhelmed. 

Well, that does it.  Can't wait to discuss with you guys in the comments below.  I did not make an honorable mentions category because it would've been too long.  The bottom line is that this is an amazing platform, and the 100k user milestone should be celebrated by all of us who contribute regularly.  


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