Old News and New Olds… Odds

Old News and New Olds… Odds

By Betman | Betting | 29 Dec 2020

The Year is still old, and the news are as well: Chelsea plonkers brought down another Betman’s tip! With a bit of luck, they will pay it with another slide down the standings…

You really can’t make this up – in 2020 Chelsea managed to destroy only three of six Betman’s tips on their games. And that kept them in the Premiership. They just used this chance to ruin Betman’s last tip this year, probably hoping he will quit betting on them. Wrong! They are still not aware that in 2021 they can deeply regret leaving 2020 at all!

Dec. 28th: Chelsea FC vs. Aston Villa FC 1 @1.70 ❌ 1:1


No thanks, Khan, Betman is rather interested in hot fish than cold dish… Oh, you mean revenge? We’ll come to that very soon. The priority is to keep BetScorum pulse working, despite the fact that we are entering New Year with that Kerala Blasters FC vs. Mohun Bagan AC at the frontpage, all the way since November 20th. If you want to find some odds, you have to dig deep down the page. So deep that anybody would think this project is already buried:




And you also need to have some shamblecoin… I mean stablecoin like SCR, which trades between 0.008 and to 0.005 cents for months, just to bet against Betman. Thanks to Scorum’s @hotbitex, now there is much fatter offer for all of you slackers who avoid to bet today thinking tomorrow will happen something new, and something better. Well, there are scientists who are arguing that there is no tomorrow at all!
And now, excuse Betman… just in case there is tomorrow after all:

Gone planning revenge on Chelsea!

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