Myth of the Development Team (and Some Odds Again)

By Betman | Betting | 30 Aug 2020

In consideration of a devastating consequences of just one Betmanless day that happened recently at BetScorum, Betman was surprised to see an unusual response in the comments…

It seems, that from some reason, most of the remaining people still believes that some development team is responsible for this disaster, or/and dev team needs to do something. They actually believe in Scorum development team! For a longer period, Betman suspects the existence of (Bet)Scorum developers. It just might be a common urban myth… How did Scorum & BetScorum come about, then? Well, Betman has a theory…


Scorum & BetScorum were most likely the result of a Big ICO Bang. They were born in a great mindless fiat harvest from the gullible cryptohopefuls who thought that everything encrypted is as good as Bitcoin. Yeah, right… Scorum & BetScorum certainly cannot be a result of a superior mind, because a superior mind wouldn’t abandon such a spectacular idea for a petty profits. Therefore, it’s inception must be a result of a pure chance.




Oh, come on, cat! You call this SCR ‘value’? Every Big ICO Bang has a perceived value that soon drops to nothing, or goes minus – like fiat! It’s a joke! The only advantage of this SCR is a great possibility to bet without losing anything. Yes, you do invest some time, but then you can brag that you have beaten Betman:








Yes, the believers will put their own ‘proofs’. They will say: “Hey Betman, how do you explain artefact like Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July?” Or: “Who is running the witnesses?”


They are in denial. Still can’t accept the fact that everything around here is just an illusion, surpassed only by a Covid ‘pandemic’… That there is no development team. And that one day, the lights will simply go out. Where will you refuge then?

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